7 Mint Green Nail Polishes ...


7 Mint Green Nail Polishes ...
7 Mint Green Nail Polishes ...

One of the hottest nail colours around at the moment is mint green. It has been popular the past couple of seasons, and I think it will retain a spot as one of the most sought after nail colours around. It works well with of-the-moment colour palettes of neutral and pastel shades. Below are just a few mint green nail polishes to try out.

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Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish

Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish Price: $8.00 at essie.com
One of the more popular mint green nail polishes around, this colour was first released as part of Essie’s winter 2010 collection. It has an opaque finish and should be applied in at least two coats. This is colour is soft and sweet, and perfect for spring.


Forever21 Minty Green Nail Polish

Forever21 Minty Green Nail Polish Price: $2.80 at forever21.com
This minty green nail polish has added shimmer. It’s more metallic than matte, and would be great for adding a pit of sparkle to your nails. The price point is agreeable and would be well suited to those wanting to try out the mint green colour, without committing to an expensive bottle of polish. Shimmer polishes usually require multiple applications, so take this into consideration when trying to find the right coverage.


Topshop Nails in Gone Fishing

Topshop Nails in Gone Fishing Price: $8.00 at topshop.com
This mint green polish has is quick drying with a long lasting formula. Application of a few coats provides sufficient coverage. What I also like about these polishes is the cute packaging. Note that Topshop nail polishes only ship within the United Kingdom, and not internationally.


China Glaze up & Away Re-Fresh Mint Nail Lacquer

China Glaze up & Away Re-Fresh Mint Nail Lacquer Price: $3.85 at mbeautylounge.com
This nail polish has become one of the more popular, stand-out mint green nail polishes around. The colour is a fairly true representation of mint green. The formula is flexible, long wearing, and provides ample coverage. The colour is fun and fresh, and would be great for those seeking a change from tradition pink and red polishes.


RGB Minty Nail Polish

RGB Minty Nail Polish Price: $14.00 at truebeautystore.com
RGB are a cosmetics line dedicated solely to nail colour and care. This particular mint polish is chip resistant with a high shine formula. As a result of the high shine formula, the finish is less pastel and more a bright green colour. The formula is also free from harmful chemicals, which is always good to know.


Sally Hansen Fast Dry Nail Colour in Mint Sprint

Sally Hansen Fast Dry Nail Colour in Mint Sprint Price: $4.54 at target.com
This polish is quick drying and the formula is highly pigmented with a slight shimmer. The brush is wide and allows for quick and easy application. The colour contains more green than blue, so is a darker mint colour. This bolder mint green colour is bound to make an impact.


Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted

Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted Price: $2.99 at walgreens.com
This nail polish is a soft, pale mint colour. It is free of harmful chemicals such as DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. The formula is chip resistant and features a silk-protein shield. A few applications are required for even coverage.

These mint green nail polishes are a fun way to update your look. Depending on your occupation, they may not be suited for everyday wear. Are you a fan of mint green nail polishes?

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Nice post! I want to buy a mint green polish!

This is one of my favorite colors! Love the one from Sally Hansen!

I love the mint colour, definately want to try em out

this colour always reminds me of a doctors nurse outfit?? But i still like it!

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