9 Bright Nail Polish Shades and Ideas on How to Combine Them ...

Okay, the weather is getting a little bit better so, if you didn’t want to experiment with bright nail polished during the winter, now would be the good time to start. So, prepare your nails for the hot summer by occasionally treating them with something more colorful than a regular French manicure. I’m suggesting these colors:

1. Viridian Vinyl

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Price: $5.75 at orlydiva.com
This is a fabulous summer shade you must find the courage to rock this summer! Just think of it – shiny, bronzed skin, some fab strappy sandals and your nails painted with this tropical color. Perfect! Eye-catching! Bold! You can add gold or silver for a more glamorous, glitzy look if you want. I could definitely see my fingernails done like this. If you want it to really pop-out, wear it with neural color outfits, if not, slip into a colorful, exotic-print dress.

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