8 Style Mavericks ...


8 Style Mavericks ...
8 Style Mavericks ...

Does it ever seem as though everyone looks the same? Same outfits, same haircut, as if they've been cloned! And then there's the exceptions. People who dress how they want, stand out from the crowd, and don't care what anyone thinks of them. Here are my favourite style mavericks.

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Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter Photo Credit: Cine Fanatico

Definitely an advocate of the dressed-in-the-dark style, Helena is certainly an individual. Neither she nor partner Tim Burton seem to possess a comb, in fact, they do look rather alike in the hair department. However, Helen's mad outfits do make a change from the Barbie clones usually seen on red carpets.



Bjork Photo Credit: SO NINION ビッグボーイ

Who could forget the swan dress from the Oscars? Bjork is clearly barking, and this is reflected in her sartorial sense. Never mind her singing, she's always good value as regards entertaining us with her clothes.


John Galliano

John Galliano Photo Credit: orble.com

Designer John Galliano is never seen wearing something as conventional as a suit and tie. His outfits are always gloriously flamboyant, featuring themes such as pirates or Native Americans.


Lady Gaga

Well, what can you say about Lady Gaga? Until she appeared on the scene, I hadn't thought that anyone could possibly out-bonkers Bjork. But Gaga managed it, and then some. From head to toe, she is extraordinary!


Su Pollard

Su Pollard Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk

This comic actress won't be familiar to many US readers, but she has a marvellously eccentric style that beautifully reflects her lively personality. Although in her 60s, Su's look is far from boring, showing that age is no barrier to creative dressing. She pulls off clashing patterns and colours because it is so very "her".


Paloma Faith

Singer Paloma manages a glamorous kind of eccentricity. Her amazing red hair is eyecatching enough on its own, but she teams this signature look with bright, almost kitsch clothes.


Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Photo Credit: jelizen

Gwen manages to be individual without being too mad. Her peroxide hair and red lips are not a new look, but she somehow makes it her own.



Rihanna Photo Credit: parisinita

Although I preferred Rihanna with long hair, it's her choice after all, and I like how she isn't afraid to change her look drastically. The strong red that she has lately used on her hair is a look that can't be missed, and that's individuality.

I wouldn't want to look like any of these stars, and I'm not convinced their style suits them in every case. But then that is the essence of individuality: not looking like everyone else! What I do admire though is their willingness to experiment, wear what they want, and not be constrained by fashion. So all power to them!

Top Photo Credit: Direct Annuaires Stephan Comelli

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i so love helena boham-carter. i think she's amazing as an actress and the fact that she has no interest in looks is refreshing. i loved her at charlie and the chocolat factory as the caring sweet mom and at harry potter as the psyco murderer bellatrix lestrange... she rocks any acting

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