17 Best Christmas Gifts for Men ...

The 17 best christmas gifts for men may vary; it all depends on the man for whom you're buying gifts. We all know men can be picky. One of the hardest things at Christmas time is finding the perfect gift for people. Picking out gifts for men is even harder. After all, we’re women, not men; while lots of us have similar interest, our likes and dislikes tend to differ quite radically! If you're having trouble, there's still time to get the perfect gift. Just read my list of top 17 Christmas gifts for men and you will for definitely walk away with at least an idea for a special man in your life.

1. A Swiss Army Knife

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Stuck on what to get a particular man? Get him a classic Swiss Army Knife that will last him forever! With a built in set of scissors, a screw driver tip, a bottle opener, blades, a toothpick, and many other features, he’s going to use it quite a bit! With all the new tools he will have in his pocket, he’s going to be wondering why he didn’t have one of these before!

Price: $15.95 at swissknifeshop.com

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