8 Eyecatching Coloured Mascaras ...


8 Eyecatching Coloured Mascaras ...
8 Eyecatching Coloured Mascaras ...

I love mascara ... it has to be my second favourite makeup item after lipstick. I must admit though that I do tend to stick to basic black, so I'm considering experimenting with some of the lovely coloured mascaras now on the market. These are some that I'd like to try. Here are 8 eye-catching coloured mascaras...

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Almay Emerald Green

Almay Emerald Green Price: $7.49 at cgi.ebay.com
This is rightly called Intense Color — you'd hardly be able to miss emerald green! It sounds gorgeous, although bright colours are often best used just to give a hint of colour to the tips of the lashes. This brand is hypoallergenic, and suitable for contact lens wearers.


Revlon Indigo Blue

Revlon Indigo Blue Price: $9.49 at cgi.ebay.com
It occurs to me that you might be able to get away with using coloured mascara more heavily if you wear glasses, as they can often hide your eyes. So a bright colour like this could make your eyes stand out more.


NYX 1000 Miles Long

NYX 1000 Miles Long Price: $5.95 at cgi.ebay.com
There's a selection of of 16 shades in this range, some of them VERY bright indeed, like the gold shade. Personally that's a little too bright for me, so I'd opt for the lavender or baby green.


Revlon Ice White

Revlon Ice White Price: $7.59 at cgi.ebay.com
This pale shade would definitely be dramatic! It would be perfect for clubbing, or for a gothic winter look. Or use it on the tips over a black mascara.


Benefit Bad Girl Plum

Benefit Bad Girl Plum Price: $14.99 at cgi.ebay.com
I'd really love to try this one, as I adore purple. As far as coloured mascaras go, it wouldn't be too shocking, so is a good choice if you don't want anything too dramatic.



Glitter Price: $10.95 at cgi.ebay.com
For $10.95, you get not one, but six mascaras! These glittery shades are definitely not for the shy and retiring, as the colours include lime, gold and silver. Your lashes will surely stand out in these!


Avon Timeless Blue

Avon Timeless Blue Price: $3 at cgi.ebay.com
If the thought of glitter mascara is too much, then why not try something more subtle. Blue is not too shocking, but will give you that touch of colour and define your eyes beautifully.


Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara

Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara Price: $6 at walmart.com
Again, you get a choice of colours. I like the look of Purple Haze, but if you are feeling really bold, you could brush on Electric Blue! I think that's a bit much for me though!

So, do you always wear the same black and brown mascara? Or do you experiment? How do you find coloured mascaras, and which shades best suit which eye colour?

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good article, I am starting to use colored mascara's too. I was always stuck on black.

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