15 New Year's Beauty Resolutions ...


15 New Year's Beauty Resolutions ...
15 New Year's Beauty Resolutions ...

I always start January full of good intentions and lots of New Year's beauty resolutions, but by the end of February they are forgotten. Last year, I was going to lose weight, get a better job, go running every morning etc etc. My best friend aimed to become a millionaire! It can be quite un-motivating realizing you won’t meet your target. So this year I vow to keep it realistic and simple. Here's presenting my top ten New Year's beauty resolutions.

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Don’t Pick Spots!

While it isn’t pleasant, I know so many people that don’t think picking on pimples will affect their skin at all. Sadly, they are wrong. Not only can it spread the acne and make it upto five times worse, it can also scar the skin. If you are prone to break outs, try out a new product and make an active effort to keep your hands away from your face. If you're eager to protect your skin, this is definitely one of the best New Year's beauty resolutions for you.


Stop Smoking!

As a non smoker, I always wonder how people don’t notice what they are doing to their looks. Smoking has plenty of ill effects on your beauty. It makes the skin look much duller and stains your teeth and nails. That is not an attractive look! Instantly look five years younger by swapping cigarettes for nicotine gum or patches, and kick a habit that’s expensive and ugly.


Wash Your Face!

Everyone’s guilty of falling into bed at the end of a long night without removing their make up, but have you ever noticed how much worse you look in the morning? Old make up clogs up pores, causes acne and leaves bacteria on your face. Invest in some make up removal wipes and use them when you do your teeth. It’ll soon become second nature and you'll be doing your face a big favour!


Take Warm Showers!

I know it’s tempting to have a boiling hot shower, especially when it's cold outside. In fact, on some days I end up having two just because it's sooo cold! Unfortunately though, hot showers are not good for the skin. The heat blasts the moisture out of the skin, and leaves it dry and cracked. Try taking a warm shower instead, or if you need it hot, buy a good moisturizer and use it straight after to keep skin in good condition.


Look after Your Nails!

Being a nail biter, I always struggle with this! Your nails are seen by everyone, so make a good impression by giving yourself a manicure and keeping it looking good. Invest in a good manicure kit, including a base coat and top coat, and remember to apply the base coat under the nail too! Then keep a file in your hand bag, and your nails will look gorgeous wherever you are.


Rinse Your Hair with Cold Water!

This one is common knowledge now, but most people still don’t follow it. Cold water closes the hair follicle, minimising frizz and making hair look shiny, smooth and sleek. It also prevents hair from drying out! You don’t have to use it for long, just the very last rinse will be enough.


Protect Your Skin!

In the winter, be sure to use enough moisturizer, and cover up! In the summer, smother yourself in good sun lotion, and use lip balm and sunglasses. Our skin needs protection to keep it looking great! And remember that sun beds aren’t good for the skin; a fake tan looks much more realistic, won’t leave you with panda eyes, and is risk free.


Throw out Old Cosmetics!

How long have you had that foundation, or the glittery eye shadow? Anything over a year should be thrown out, unless it’s a good quality eye shadow which might last up to three years. Mascaras need to be replaced every four months, or you risk giving yourself a horrible eye infection. Also be careful not to share make up, as this is a perfect way of spreading germs.


Change Your Look!

Visit a make up counter, and relax as the stylist gives you a new look. Does she choose brown eyeliner, instead of your trusty old black, or a brighter blush? Simple changes to your look can be an instant update, and most make up brands give away free samples to good customers, which means you can look chic for less!


Pamper Yourself!

Every once in a while, plan a night to just relax. Whether you book a spa treatment and massage or invest in face packs and cucumbers, your skin will thank you for it, and you’ll feel much more relaxed too. The perfect way to unwind after a stressful day, and you can do it with friends or alone with piles of magazines and a good chick flick!


Deep Condition Your Hair!

We do not always have time for some of the time-consuming beauty treatments that experts recommend, but deep conditioning your hair is something to definitely make time for. Deep conditioning treatments or hair masks can breathe new life into your hair by making it softer, stronger and more manageable. If you do not have the 30-60 minutes to let a treatment sit in your hair, look for conditioners like Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle or use a leave-in treatment.


Try New Formulas!

We all have our trusty beauty products that we can always turn to to give us our desired look, but why not start trying different formulas? If you always wear a dark, matte lip, try a creamy lipstick or even a gloss. If you love using shimmer shadows, try using matte. It might not seem like a big deal, but different formulations can make a remarkable difference in your overall look.


Update Your Skin Care Products!

Have you used the same facial cleanser for years? Do you have your favorite moisturizer on auto-ship? If it has been awhile since you have tried new skin care products, why not explore some new options? Chances are, your skin has changed so a formula that worked for you in years past might not work as well anymore. Visit your local beauty counter or do some online research of new ingredients and products to refresh your skin care routine.


Get Your Beauty Sleep!

Sleep is an important part of looking and feeling our best, so resolve to get your beauty sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep is not pretty, it can result in under eye bags, dark circles or sallow skin. Try to hit the sack earlier or if you are unable, try to work a nap into your day. Being consistent with your sleep schedule will help you to be more alert, have brighter eyes and have radiant skin.


Wash Your Makeup Brushes!

Washing makeup brushes is probably at the bottom of your to-do list, but keeping them clean is well worth it. Dirty makeup brushes can harbor dirt, oil and bacteria which you can redeposit on your clean skin when you use them. Make it a point to clean your makeup brushes at least weekly and your pores will thank you!

I’m terrible at looking after my look, but I’m determined to get better! So whether it’s one big change or lots of little ones, see how much you can love your skin this year, and keep yourself looking young for years to come! Have you got a beauty-related New Year's resolution? Please share it with me!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington

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i need to start throwing out some mascaras!

Great tips! I definitely need to clean out my makeup stash.

They're all so hard! Will... I don't smoke, but it's still hard to quit. Also, Rinse your hair with cold water? It's Janauary!But I guess the reward afterwords would be sweet...

Powder does not harbor bacteria..so these shadows you should be able to keep forever.

hmmm...I'm already doing all these....I need a new list :)

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