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Spring Looks:Refresher

Elle Magazine's Spring "Best in Show" looks from the runways.

What I'm dying to try!

I really want one. Really. Bella Il Fiore's Smashing in Soho Palette: because I really AM, "smashing in soho"! And it's only $22.

Detoxify your hair, with chocolate and whipped butter and cafe latte. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

A 2-in-1 amplifying treatment by Prive.

Graham Webb Root Volumizing Spray

And let me tell you. All of Graham Webb's products smell incredible.

What I don't need:

A $250 mini 'stay the night' product set. For his bathroom drawer or your desk drawer. But $250? Well, this set from Fred Segal Beauty contains mini sizes of body lotion, contact lens case, drops and solution, eye make-up remover, face cleanser, face cream, hair bands, hair brush, lip balm, lip gloss, pain reliever, panties, razors, t-shirt, tampons and toothbrush. Great idea, but I think I can make one myself a lot cheaper!

Beauty News:

Dorit Baxter launches their own skincare/spa blog.

Looking for earth friendly products? Let GreenGals help ya. From clothes to candles and more, this new site is one to bookmark.

An instant makeover doesn't have to mean surgery or botox. How about makeup? I whole heartedly agree!

Just in time for Mother's Day! It's all the news you want. A new daily hot product review feature called the Daily Dish showacsing must have products for moms served daily via podcast

Beauty Deals:

Buy two Dr. Brandt items and get a free Vitamin Moisture Mask ($40 value)! Ends 5-31-06

Buy 2 Skin Alison Raffaele items & get a free soft gloss ($19.50 value)! Ends 5-31-06

Receive Free Shipping at with $29 purchase (new customers only). See site for details. Ends 5-31-06.

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