Bobbi Brown & Chocolate ...

Have you heard? Makeup guru Bobbi Brown is going for the chocolate. In her recent press release:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cosmetics maven Bobbi Brown may be known for her natural makeup for eyes and lips, but her fall collection is intended to appeal to another body part entirely -- the tongue.

In a first for the cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown will offer specially designed chocolate bars with its line of chocolate-coloured eye and lip shades for fall, said founder and chief executive officer Bobbi Brown in an interview.

The cosmetics firm, a subsidiary of beauty and fragrance company Estee Lauder Cos., has struck a deal with luxury chocolate maker Vosges. Vosges shops, located in Las Vegas, New York and Chicago, will sell some Bobbi Brown makeup next to its chocolates, while Bobbi Brown will offer the healthy "Beauty Bar" to shoppers on its Web site after it officially launches its new line, Brown said.

"I love dark chocolate," she said. "It's a no-brainer."

Yep, it's a no brainer to me too, but do we want to see chocolate sold next to makeup and via versa? What's next? Hmmm, the possibilities of cross-promotion just may have changed.... what do you think?

Okay, after seeing Madonna strut her amazing 45+ year old body at The Grammy's, I figured my 40+ bod can catch up. So off to major workout #1 I go. Me? I'm the type to work out hard core (like 2-3 hours a day) for a few months and then drop out of sight for a few months like nothing happened. Why? Don't see results. As in, I'm doing all this work for this? But Madonna, I'm back in the game thanks to you. Now if only I can get my thighs to look 1/2 has good as yours....

And happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Here's roses, chocolate and kisses for you all.

Me? I'm off to the market to get champagne and cupcakes... and I'm not saying who or why! lol

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