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Bond Girls the West Side Awaits

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When it comes to the great debate between the East and West sides of NYC, I've always considered myself somewhat of an East Side girl, but I think I've just found a reason to transfer my allegiance to the other side of Central Park.

West Side, the long-awaited new fragrance from my beloved Bond No.9, has finally launched and I'm just itching to tell you about it. (Longtime readers of this blog will know that I am a die-hard Bond Girl; if you're unfamiliar with the brand, read my previous post **here**.)

West Side and its vibrant red bottle, adorned with treble clefs, were inspired by the neighborhood’s rich musical heritage. Home to Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Copacabana, Studio 54 and more, the West Side is indeed the musical epicenter of New York.

And now on to the juice. Vanilla rose, my dears. Created for Bond by Michel Almairac (who also did the lovely Scent of Peace and the incredible Fire Island), West Side is the most gorgeous, heavenly, vanilla rose that has ever touched my skin. The opening is quite floral - there is definitely some peony at play in there along with the rose - and then begins to warm up, all amber-and-sandalwood goodness. Vanilla and musk in the drydown keep it soft and pretty, and the rose hangs around the whole time, from the opening right through the drydown.

It is just so lovely – warm and comforting and feminine all at the same time – and perfect for autumn.

West Side officially launches November 1, but I believe it is available to order on **Bond No. 9’s new website** right now.

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