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Backstage with Tom Pecheux at Doo.Ri ...

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What a way to end the week! Yesterday was the last day of Fashion Week and I had the chance to go backstage at Doo.Ri and watch Shiseido color creator and celebrity makeup artist Tom Pecheux work his magic on the models (and no, that's not Tom at left; it's a makeup artist on his team. Photos of Tom at work to come!).

The look Tom created was inspired by Doo.Ri's collection; "austere and serious on the hanger," he said, "but on a woman on the runway, very feminine." Accordingly, Tom chose shades and textures that were plain and simple in their packaging, but looked soft, luminous and feminine on the skin.

Tom created the perfect semi-matte canvas with Shiseido **Dual Balancing Foundation** and set it with loose powder, and then added an unexpected touch - **Hydropowder Eyeshadow** in new Glistening Sand, a light beige with gold shimmer. Tom used it as a shimmery, glowy highlighter, applying it to the sides of the face, the neck, and even the ears (which looked so pretty and almost elfin on the runway).

Eyes were very minimal, with no mascara at all. Lips were nude, with only a bit of - gasp - foundation on them! But don't fret, it's not what you think. "I don't want the dead lips," said Tom, "it's a see-through foundation."

The overall effect was fresh, glowy and clean; more about texture and finish than color. It was a perfect complement to Doo.Ri's amazing collection (more on that to come)!

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