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The Diva Has Never Been More Excited for a Beaut ...

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The Diva has never been more excited for a beauty trend! There is no hotter look than the fabulous trend sported by beautiful gals such as The Diva (of course) Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Hilary Duff. What is it you ask?** Goth Nails**. Oh yes, my little DITs (**Divas-In-Training**). Dark, goth-like nails are all **the rage right now. But before you even THINK about trying this look out, **The Diva **demands you adhere to the following rules:1. Black polish looks best on short, square nails. Too long or too pointy and you turn into a vampy trasionista - not a fashionista. 2. If **The Diva dares see a chip in your polish, she might very well slap you silly. Use a top coat daily! It takes five seconds and feels better than a slap.3. Use two to three coats. No one wants to be Streaky Stella. 4. If black is a little too dramatic for you, try a deep red, plum, or burgundy. The creme-de-la-creme of polishes to try? Chanel's Black Satin. The problem? It's sold out everywhere. So, good luck finding it. This Diva's advice? Go Ebay. It's your only shot. Auctions are here, here and here. [...]

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