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Reminders and Requests... on Thursday I Will Be a...

By Jen

Reminders and requests...

On Thursday I will be at the Borders at Columbus Circle at 7 p.m.. The reading will be filmed by both Access Hollywood and the CBS Sunday Morning show. This has prompted several panicked phone calls that made me wish I worked in the better-coiffed, better-dressed branch of chick lit. I'm pretty sure that Candace Bushnell and Plum Sykes don't get calls from their people two days before their speaking engagements, asking, "Do you have something to wear?" and "Is it different from what you wore the last time you were on TV?"

That last point is, it emerges, very important. If you wear the same sparkly sweater on Access Hollywood in 2006 that you wore on Entertainment Tonight in '05, or don the black v-necked top that served you so well on the Tony Danza Show last spring for an appearance on CBS this fall, the viewing public will determine that you have no other items of clothing, and that you have, in fact, been wearing the sparkly sweater or stretchy black top every day, ever since, possibly while living on a street corner in a Kenmore appliance box set over a subway vent.

I can actually see the upside to that. I mean, a book purchased out of pity for the poor fashion-challenged, possibly homeless author is still a book purchased, right?

But either way, I was shamed into spending the afternoon shopping, and I bought something sassy, which you will get to see if you come to the reading Thursday night.

Finally, a request: is anyone in the Philadelphia/New Jersey/NYC region throwing a bar or bat mitzvah that I could crash?

The novel I'm working on now features a great many bar and bat mitzvahs, and I haven't been to one in a few years, so I need to observe the customs, the culture, and the candle-lighting ceremonies. You will not need to feed me, and I promise not to make fun of you or your child in print. If you're interested, or if you've got a good story (horas gone horribly wrong, anyone?) email me at Jen AT You will get a form letter in response. Do not be alarmed! Someone will actually read your email!

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