I Did a Lot This Weekend. I Attended


I Did a Lot This Weekend.  I Attended
I Did a Lot This Weekend.  I Attended

I did a lot this weekend. I attended that Buffy singalong at the IFC Center on Friday night, but that's a post unto itself and I'll probably write about it tomorrow night.

On Saturday, I saw my family for the first time in over a month, including Deniece and Denephew. I'm probably going to see them a lot in the coming weeks.

Saturday night gave me the opportunity to hang out in New Brunswick, NJ with Mike the Accountant and his brother, Dave the Accountant (note the same last name). Mike and I had a contest where we each got a point for every alcoholic beverage we drank and every woman we seduced that evening. I scored 2 points. Mike scored 65. We both drank the same amount. Do the math.

On Sunday, I got Bunny a gift of a wireless router for her apartment and she's having problems using it with her DSL. From time to time, she loses her Internet connection for a minute. Can anybody lend any technical expertise on this issue?

Later, Bunny and I went to the San Gennaro Festival briefly and had a couple of cannolis. On the way to Union Square, we got free strawberry milk. We also saw the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" (I got free tix), which was very funny particularly if you like intelligent toilet humor like myself. We ate dinner at Hampton Chutney, where the dosas were spicy but good.

I also want to write something later about the economy and its relationship to the concept of "geek chic".

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