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Cherry Hill VW Dealership  the
Cherry Hill VW Dealership  the

Cherry Hill VW Dealership: The Axle of Evil

I drive a 2002 VW Jetta. I bought this car because Consumer Reports said that VWs are reliable, and have good resale value. You know what? Consumer Reports has no idea what it`s talking about. Of course, it might just be the fault of the maintenance department at the Cherry Hill, NJ VW dealership.

I should have known these guys were going to be bad news. Maintenance Guy No. 1: Balding, 3-4 gold chains, shirt unbuttoned to his midchest, tubby, graying....looks like John Travolta after a 5 yr battle with crystal meth.

Here`s what I mean:

1) One year into ownership. Less than 10K miles on the car. I try to back out of my driveway. Car will not shift out of park. It turns out that VW has an asinine "safety mechanism" that prevents the car from shifting out of park if the brake lights aren`t working correctly, e.g., if a bulb is blown. I get the car towed, and the light replaced.

2) 1 year, 6 months into ownership. Leak in the sunroof during a snowstorm. 2 inches of water inside the car after snowmelt. Dealership replaces sunroof mechanism, and replaces carpeting inside car that has molded. Dealership puts the wrong carpeting in the back of the car because they apparently thought my sedan was a station wagon. Idiots.

2) 1 year, 8 mos. into ownership. Less than 15K miles on the car. Again, I cannot shift out of park. It turns out there is a recall on 2002 Jettas because of a faulty brake light switch. The dumb-ass safety mechanism referenced above is complicated by a manufacturing defect. I bring the car to the dealership, and they replace the brake light switch.

3) 3 years into ownership. Less than 30K miles on the car. The car is making really annoying and slightly scary creaky noises every time I hit a bump. Also, when I drive on the highway, the speedometer says I am going 65 mph. Even if I am definitely going 80+mph. I bring the car back to the stupid dealership. They tell me that the driveshaft is cracked, but covered under warrantee. They replace it. They tell me I am lying regarding the speedometer issue. Apparently, I take hallucinogenics!! Except I don`t! Never have!! But maybe I`ll start...and then things will be prettier....ahhhhh.

4) 3 years, 6 months into ownership. Car is still making creaky noises. And I`m still trippin' on the faulty speedometer. I bring the car in (5000 miles early) for the 40,000 mile check up. The dealership stuffs a 600.00 bill up my ass, and tells me I need to have the oil pan replaced because its faulty and leaking. That will be another 400.00. I tell them to skip it. I no longer trust these jerks. Following check up, car is still creaky, and speedometer still doesn`t work. But at least I`m 600.00 poorer.

5) 3 years, 8 months into ownership. I go to a garage and tell them my car is squeeky and creaky. They take a look. I need new struts. I pay for struts. Car stops creaking.

6) 4 years into ownership. Car wont shift out of park. VW Roadside assistance expired three weeks ago. I pay 75.00 to get towed three miles to the $#^% dealership....which is closed. Tow guy manages to trick my car into shifting out of park. The following day, I bring it to my new garage, where they replace the brake light switch....again.

7) 4 years, 3 months into ownership. Brake lights mysteriously turn on in the middle of the night, draining my battery. This happens 2-3 times in one week. I replace the completely dead battery. I bring the car back to the new garage. They (without charge) replace the brake light switch FOR THE THIRD TIME. They also change the oil. Turns out, there is NO PROBLEM with the oil pan. VW dealership bastards.

Moral of the story? Beware 2002 Jettas, but more importantly, screw the VW dudes in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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