Good Dogma Spa Products from Antoinette


Good Dogma Spa Products from Antoinette
Good Dogma Spa Products from Antoinette

Antoinette is a feisty little Boston Terrier who happens to be the cousin of Helping Udders’ lovable Tony, and she’s celebrating the grand opening of her boutique on the website. As a big fan of Helping Udders’ daring BT duo, Tony and Petey, I just had to stop by and have a look at what cousin Antoinette has to offer.

The entire line of Good Dogma doggie spa products are available from Antoinette, with the customary 10% going to the animal rescue organization of your choice. These products are all-natural, safe for pets and their people, with no harsh chemicals.

Try the aromatic spritzers to deodorize, repel insects, and smooth puppy’s coat. Pure essential oils are combined to create 5 fantastic fragrances to freshen up your dog, his bedding, the car, and all around the house. Choose from zippy Citrus, mellow Floral, warm Spice, sweet Pupsicle (tangerine & vanilla), or fresh Ginger.

Their AromaBath Bar is 100% natural vegetable and essential oil hand-cut soap, rich and highly emollient to gently cleanse doggie’s coat, leaving it lustrous, glossy and smelling fresh.

So if you get a hot minute, visit Antoinette’s new boutique, shop around and make sure to tell her Darla and Murphy dog said Hi.

(and that Murphy thinks she’s totally hot …)

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