Coyly Provoking Great Hope man These Are Getting Really Bad


Coyly Provoking Great Hope man These Are Getting Really Bad
Coyly Provoking Great Hope man These Are Getting Really Bad
Date: Still July 2006
How we met: It's CPGH =)
Previous flirtations: This post is continued from the ones below.
What we did:
After the beach, we went back to his place to shower. While he was in the other room, I quickly undressed, hopped in, and started one of the showerheads (he has two in his shower). CPGH followed me in, and turned on the other showerhead. We talked and laughed a bit about how natural it felt, and then he pulled me toward him and we kissed. It was very romantic.

However, when he started to go a little further, I reminded him that I had just gotten out of a relationship and didn't want to confuse feelings. I think I know the "man law" on this one: naked chick in the shower + previous sexual relationship with said naked chick = woohoo! (notice that bad relationship ended shortly before does not even factor into the equation....) CPGH being a total gentleman respected my request...until a few hours later in bed. Oh well, we both tried.

As you may remember, one of the goals for the weekend was to plan a way forward. We were having so much fun that I don't think that either of us wanted to broach any serious topics--which is how we got to this point in the first place. The night I arrived home, we talked on the phone. I pointed out we hadn't had any discussions, and asked what he wanted out of our relationship: a friendship, a "progressive" friendship, etc.

CPGH's response: "I want to marry you and I want to have children with you."

I was too stunned to even reply with a cutesy, "Jewish children?" I stuttered something about not knowing what to say, and we decided this wasn't really a phone-type conversation, and he would come to Boston for the CPGH-FDC Summit, Part Deux.

This monumental summit would take place three weeks later, and would coincide with the wedding anniversary of my parents, an event for which I had made a reservation for 3 at 6pm on a Friday evening weeks in advance. I checked with my parents, and they said they would love to see him. I therefore invited CPGH, and he said he would really enjoy having dinner with my parents (so cute). I changed the reservation to be for four people.

Nickname: Seriously, how bad are the titles getting? Why did I have to give him such an odd nickname?
FDS: 9.8 out of 10
How long it lasted: Next post will be the Boston trip. Then I'll really try to speed things along because the suspense is killing me as well =D

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