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Dove Evolation CommercialHave You Seen This Commer...

By Elke

Dove Evolation CommercialHave you seen this commercial?

Though it's only seen in Canada right now, take a really close look at it.

The tag line at the end says:

**"No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted."

The whole idea is to become aware of what is being done to your perception of beauty. And I for one agree. To a point.

Take a look at the commercial again. Stop it at minute #40. Then again at minute #50. Notice all the work done in 'photoshop' to elongate her neck, lift her eyes, etc. and the finished result at minute 50. But wait a minute. What was wrong with minute 40? Makeup, hair.... ok there's lighting and a few wind blown fans aimed for effect. But why is not that good enough? I think she looks absolutely beautiful there. And yes, it truly shows what the wonders of hair and makeup (wink) can do....

But it gets taken 1 step further. So who dictates that call? The client? The photographer? Granted when I do my job and it gets passed on to the next stage, I do worry about what will be done to 'change' my work. And I can only hope that if I do a fantastic job, well not much is done hopefully. But once the shoot is over, it's out of my hands. And I never truly know what the finished result will be.

Is all this really needed? Since when was 'great' just not good enough? Hey, I'm all for perfection and creating 'art', which is what I feel I do, but I for one am ready to get back to the day, when great is perfection enough.

For information on Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty.

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