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Revive Your Old Cosmetics ...

By Elke

Is your favorite makeup item just not working anymore? Don't go out and buy a new one. Just customize the one you already have like the makeup pros do. Here are some of my favorite ones to do:


Too thick? Thin with a few drops of mineral water or toner.

Too oily? De-grease with a few drops of witch hazel.

Too dark? Lighten up with a few scrapes of light pressed powder.

Too dull? Lighten with a few scrapes of a pearly peach or pink blush. Need a glow? Scrape in a pearly powder highlighter, or a few drops of liquid highlighter.

Need a tinted foundation? In a separate plastic bottle, mix a too light foundation 1/2 and 1/2 with bronzer. Or, mix a too dark foundation shade 1/2 and 1/2 with your sunscreen or moisturizer. Shake, and instant tinted foundation.

Too thick or dry? Revitalize with a drop of foundation or eye cream. Mix into the container to add moisture.

Too dark? Tap your blush brush into your pressed powder or baby powder first, then your color. Apply for shades lighter blush.

Too light? Tap into your bronzer shade first.

Too muddy a color? Use instead as eye shadow.

Eye Shadow:
Did your cream shadow dry out? Put a few drops of water or olive oil to reactivate.

Need a lip stain? Rescue that old wine colored blush from years gone by and apply with a Q-top on dry lips. Apply your favorite Chapstick on top. Or mix a crushed blush into a container with a lip balm. Instant cherry lip balm or shiny cream blush.

Need a new color? Have 2 lipsticks down to the end of the tubes? Don't worry. Just dig out the remaining 1/2" of lipstick in the bottom of the tubes with a popsicle stick or spatula and mix into a metal or plastic container. A brand new shade.

Hint: Mix two shades together in the same color family of any product for a painless mix.


Vincent Longo Cream Duo Concealer Shade #1

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Nars Duo Eye Shadow Rebecca

Modern and creative combinations, expertly coordinated by Francois Nars to take the guesswork out of pairing the perfect shade combination.

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