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By Elke

Most makeup companies put their time and money into the product packaging. You know, the case, the pretty little brush that goes with it. And of course, don't forget the pretty gold writing on the box. So what you're oohing and ahhing over is the pretty packaging, only to get it home and find out that the actual product really isn't that great.

Not at Mojo. Mojo cosmetics puts their time and $$$ into the product packaging and the actual product itself. Case in point: their lipstick.

With refillable lipstick tubes that they call 'Bullets', you can pick your outside case of choice, called the 'Titan', in either an titanium grey or pink alloy to fit your mood.

When I got the Bullet in the mail, it came in a silver, highly padded box, with the lipstick (bullet), case, and bottom attachment ready to assemble. Actually this was the fun part. Everything screws into place perfectly, so there's no worries of your lipstick coming apart in your purse. Even cooler, is the top half of your lipstick case. This screws on as well, with a ring on top that you can attach to a key chain, belt, purse or whatever suits your fancy. Though it took a few tries for me to get the hang of unscrewing the lipstick as opposed to just pulling the cap off like I'm used to, I actually like this.

So while the case gets a major A+ for coolness and wow factor, what about the lipstick? Choosing "Dune", the nude shade they have, it's the perfect nude for fall right now. A beige brown with a touch of rose in it, it actually worked great with my pale skin and looks very now. The lipstick's consistency is actually very smooth, and goes on slightly creamy but then has a sort of matte quality when it's on. There's no drying side effects, stays on really good (though after a few hours it did bleed slightly so a lip pencil might be preferable). I do find myself reaching for it every day to throw on. And of course, I oh and ah over it as well when I do.

So bottom line? The Bullet is adorable and works great. Lipstick refills are $18 while the case (which you can get away with one if you really need to and "screw in" your lipstick of the day) is $32.

Mojo also has 'Platinum", an opalescent clear gloss and Mojo for men, which is the silver case with a clear lip balm encased.

Keep an eye on this company. I'm sure they'll have a few more great products up their sleeve!

Mojo Cosmetics

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