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This Has to Be the Best Week Ever for Eyelashes ...

By Beauty

Aside from permanent eyelash extensions, ghost-white lashes are definitely the new black. I've seen this look several times on avant-garde clad models during Paris fashion weeks past, but two weeks ago, when I saw a GROWN MAN proudly sporting pale white eyelashes (upper AND lower), I was aghast. I just thought he was aging ungracefully, and simply forgot to dye his lashes back to their natural hue. Silly, silly me. After light research, I've finally figured out the big mystery; one word. GANGURO. Ganguro is a trend that's highly popular amongst Japanese girls. Think Harajuku and Fruits, but more focused on beauty instead of fashion. This extreme look consists of bleached blonde hair, a deeply tanned skin, and wearing white mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Kind of cool, huh? As this trend makes it way stateside, I wonder how many people will jump on the bandwagon. I'm sure it'll be toned down, like so: Want to try the look? Try Lancome's Cils Booster XL eyelash conditioner. Traditionally worn as a base to enhance the length of lashes, when consistently applied in thick coats, you'll achieve the aforementioned look. Enjoy your weekend! **Tags: **eyelashes, makeup, white mascara, mascara,glam media,, beauty [...] [...]

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