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PRODUCT REVIEW Mally Beauty Products

By Elke

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mally Beauty Products

**Lift, Shape & Glow
Face Defining System**

I received a while ago from Mally Beauty, her "Lift, Shape and Glow" trio palette. Similar to her Shimmer, Shape and Glow, this newest addition fits perfectly into the perfect matte face and contour which is oh so trendy for this season. Hesitant to go there? Mally Beauty makes it so easy.

First of all her 3 compact palette is a beautiful silver aluminum case, which is actually pretty heavy! But you also get 3 brushes that work perfectly with it and a pink suede pouch which stores everything (or you can actually use as a brush holder which i do!).

How do you use this? You take the white tipped brush and apply the highlight (the cream colored shade) where you want to bring out your bone structure after you've done your foundation/concealer/powder routine. I then apply over my eyes, to wake up my eyes, under my eyes (to lighten up my under eye circles) and on the tops of my cheekbones. The effect is beautiful and uplifting without looking like a mask or fake.

Then take the dark small brush and use to apply the contour shade under cheekbones, maybe in the crease of the eye, near the end of the jawbone by the ear (great slimming trick!) to create depth to the face. You can literally add mascara and lip gloss and you're out the door. Your look is polished and defined.

For a bit of color, you can then add Glow, the blush shade with the super soft big blush brush to the apples of the cheeks. Maybe even a touch on the lips with gloss over? A true all in one palette. Only down side is that the palette is pretty heavy and thick, so it may be hard to throw into a smaller purse. But don't let the 'routine' seem overwhelming. It really isn't. Besides, the effect you'll get will make you want to do this every day like me.

And the best part, the palette is completely refillable. Pop the old pan out and pop in a new favorite.

If you want to attempt the new matte face, Mally sure makes it easy. You can't go wrong with this one.

This product ONLY available at
Retail Value $91.00

QVC Price $49.50

**Introductory Price $44.94

**Shipping and Handling $4.97
Buy two or more and save on S & H.

Comes with:
Matte Light or Matte Deep.

* 0.4 oz palette
* blush brush
* double-ended brush
* cosmetic pouch

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