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My Makeup Brush Lemming of the Moment.

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I’ve used conventional eyeliner brushes from Bare Escentuals, and some generic ones. For me, they’re quite good, and I definitely am satisfied with how I line my eyes nowadays. Thanks to the Bare Escentuals Liner Quad, I learned how to do eyelining , and I also discovered how much improvement eyelining does on the eyes, TRULY! You are missing half of your life if you have never used eyeliners, ladies and..gentlemen? haha!

Check out this Smashbox Arched Eyeliner Brush 21.

Smashbox describes, the Arched Eyeliner Brush 21 as,

Gently arched to conform to the shape of the eyes, this precision eyeliner brush defines the lash line with one, quick, easy stroke.

I am so darn curious of this highly evolved eyeliner brush! The slight dent looks like the conventional eyeliner brush took a wrong term and crashed on a big tree, but it’s not damaged - it’s ergonmics at its best! It says it makes lining much much easier, specially on your waterlines. The price, in my opinion is pretty steep for an eyeliner brush at $20, but there isn’t any reason for me not to save up for it! How bout prettier eyelining ? I’m in for that!

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