Fake Bake Month Lancome Soleil Flash Bronzer Tinted Self Tanning Moisturizing Mousse ...


Fake Bake Month Lancome Soleil Flash Bronzer Tinted Self Tanning Moisturizing Mousse ...
Fake Bake Month Lancome Soleil Flash Bronzer Tinted Self Tanning Moisturizing Mousse ...

**Flash Bronzer Tinted Self Tanning Moisturizing Mousse** is one of Lancome's many - and varied - self tanner offerings. On the whole, the Lancome tanners are quite good; a few of them will be covered during May Fake Bake Month, starting with the mousse.

The Flash Bronzer mousse - housed in a can like mousse for your hair - has a lovely, creamy texture that allows for smooth, even application. It spreads quickly, doesn't "goop up" on your hands, and dries reasonably faster than most of its lotion-based counterparts - just don't overdo it; a little goes a long way. One point off, though, for the slight filminess that lingers on skin afterwards.

What I really like about this product is the tint (although it DOES rub off on clothes). With St. Tropez and many of the other tinted tanners, you're streaky and dirty looking for the first few hours, before you can wash off the initial application to reveal the tan underneath. In contrast, the Flash Bronzer mousse goes on golden and even with a touch of very fine shimmer; its tint certainly won't make you want to quarantine yourself in the house while waiting for the tan to develop.

The smell, however...well, that might keep you in the house. Initially, Flash Bronzer mousse smells great, like a fresh men's cologne, but it slowly degrades into a rather strange metallic smell. To me it smells like money, literally like nickels and dimes and old dollar bills, the way your hands smell after handling lots of change. Rather odd, and it gets on my clothes, too...along with some residual sparkles. The dry cleaner was rather perplexed when my good Theory pants came in smelling like coins and looking like a disco!

The resulting tan is just right - not too light, not too dark - but it's just slightly flirting with orange. Pale skinned girls might want to exercise caution. I'm super pale, and I prefer to use this one when I already have a faux tan "base" that's fading; it only shows orange on me if it's applied on "virgin" skin.

Bottom line? Not bad, but certainly not the best of the Lancome tanners (that distinction goes to Glow 'N Wear, which is phenomenal and will be discussed next week).

Fake Bake Month Official Rating

Scent: 1
Color: 3
Texture: 4
Drying Time: 4
Neatness: 3
Bonus Points: 2 (for good tint and shimmer)

Total Rating: 17/30

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