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Mineral Makeup Review Larenim Dusk Til Dawn Treatment

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I believe that Larenim (Mineral spelled backward, clever, huh? ) has got really great products (I’ll have whatever Paul McCartney loves! Lol! ) , and as I am roadtesting them this week with some other brands, but Larenim has definitely no competition during my night time routine - with the Dusk Til Dawn Treatment.

The Dusk Til Dawn Treatment is a mineral treatment made of kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and green tea extract. Kaolin clay is a magnificent oil absorber, zinc oxide soothes inflammed acne skin, and green tea extract helps dry out zits.

This treatment is very good for people with oily skin, as well as acne or blemish prone. (In other words, so much like me ! Hehe ) My work environment (printing) is very toxic and my skin is always prone to attracting dirt by the end of the day, making my face always prone to blemishes and blackheads. When I got hold of a Larenim Dusk Til Dawn Treatment, I was pleasantly surprised that they ( Kirsten Corcoran, CEO of Larenim ) actually knew what I wanted! Yayness! Okay, for the feedback…

When I opened the jar, the consistency of the product was unlike mineral foundations. I remember during my mineral makeup class that kaolin clay is somewhat sticky and isn’t refined at all - since it is the main ingredient of the treatment, a clumpy consistency was expected, but it glides on just normally on the face, so it was nothing to worry about. I also noticed some fragrance in it - it seemed like the green tea extract. It smelled pretty good, though a friend of mine didn’t exactly like treatments with fragrance.

I was debating with myself on how to apply it - with a makeup brush, or with a flocked sponge. After some thinking, I decided to go with the flocked sponge because my makeup brushes were used during the day for mineral makeup application and I wouldn’t want makeup in my face during night time. Even though mineral makeup can be worn like “you can sleep in it,”, I feel like having a squeaky clean face for my night time. Okay, so I applied some products to my problem areas - most of the product landed on my cheeks because I had open pores there and it was my oiliest facial skin part. I also applied on areas with blemishes. After my application, my skin somewhat looked white - because kaolin clay was kinda opaque. Oh well, nobody would see my semi-geisha look anyway, so I just quickly went to sleep, awaiting the morning after for the results!

When I woke up, I immediately ran to the mirror and checked my face out. My skin was as matte as ever without a trace of oiliness ( I always wake up with a little bit of oil on my face ), and my zits have semi-dried. I was pleasantly surprised with the results because I really did not expect too much on mineral treatments. I tried it for a week, and all I can say is that - it really does great in combatting your oily skin, and in a span of a week, your zits are gone - it’s amazing. The blackheads I’ve had seemed to elevate - which is a good thing, that they’ve surfaced and are ready to go! Whoopee! No side effects AT ALL - no irritation, just soft, smooth, and naturally matte skin! I guess it was karma, good karma, that I have stumbled upon this product! I am never letting go of this! I promise!

I would highly recommend this product for people with skin conditions similar to me. It is a really effective product that can significantly reduce oilies. If used by day, this can be used as a mattifying primer to be worn under foundation for that oil-free look. Of course, if you can apply as much product as you can during the night ( I once applied ALOT over my frustration of oily skin and looked like a Geisha ) , by day, you have to just sweep a thin layer of Dusk Til Dawn under your foundation, for if you apply too much by day, your overall makeup look might look cakey. The Dusk Til Dawn Treatment can be worn under foundation, sandwich in between 2 layers of foundation, or applied using a concealer brush or taklon foundation brush on visible-pored areas for that poreless look.

One last rave before I go - the price! As compared to other mineral treatments I’ve tried which were priced quite astronomically, this one’s only $14.99, and it would definitely last you for a long time!

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