PRODUCT REVIEW: Esthetic plus Tweezers Tweezerman...

PRODUCT REVIEW: Esthetic Plus Tweezers

Tweezerman just found it's competition. Do I dare say that, gasp, I like Esthetic Plus's tweezers? I know, I know. I've been a hard core fan of Tweezerman for years and years, but there's something about Esthetic Plus's Tweezers that just work. Handcrafted in Italy and France, these tweezers are high caliber.

They feel great in the hand. And they make this adorable sounding 'click' as I tweeze away, even so that clients make mention of this. They love it.

With over 25 different types of tweezers, there's bound to be a good fit for you, but I'm a die hard slanted tweezer fan. Why? There's no chance of accidentally stabbing the client with those super thin pointed ones. They scare me actually. One sudden turn of the head and ouch!

Tweezing Tip: As you're tweezing away keep the slant of the tweezer against the skin at all times. That way, you don't lift the skin as you pull out a hair, which is actually what makes it hurt more. With the slanted tip, you can be sure that the edges of the tweezer are easily against the skin without any pinching or poking.

Brand new are their super cute little mini tweezers, perfect for travel, or for your purse. $8.00

Esthetic Plus
Available at fine beauty supply stores.

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