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Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara and L'Oreal Volume Shocking Mascara

By Jackie

I spotted this Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara at Duane Reed in New York, and was instantly taken with the fine, yellow-tipped brush of the applicator wand. (Lash Perfection is packaged with the mascara tube sealed and the wand visible for inspection. Fantastic idea.) I was very pleased with how this deposits just the right amount of mascara onto the brush for a thorough, not overdone layer - no clumping or mess. This is great if you're going for a more natural look, or prefer to build up to a less natural style, rather than wiping a ton of product off the wand or struggling to fight the spidery-eyed look.

As for L'Oreal Volume Shocking, which I bought on the recommendation of a couple of commenters here...Well, all I can say is, that's £10 down the drain. This stuff just doesn't do it for me, since by 'it' I do not mean 'making my lashes stick together and somehow end up looking stubbier than they actually are'. I've given it a few tries, and there's just no saving it. "SUPER CLUMPY," indeed.

On my way through duty-free when I arrived back in London, I picked up a tube of my old stand-by, Lancome Définicils. When I don't want an especially spare look, that's one I at least know how to manage well.

All in all, it's enough to make a girl seriously contemplate lash extensions or lash lifting.

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