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Laura Mercier's Evolution of Colour for Eyes

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I was at a Laura Mercier counter yesterday, doing what I like to explain to friends and family as "research". I was hoping I would re-evaluate my position on the line's foundation but instead I came away with a deep love for the line's Evolution of Color collection.

I would ordinarily shy away from a palette full of pink eyeshadow but these colors are so soft that they are completely wearable everyday. The four shades in the all new Pink Rain palette (pictured below) are almost monochromatic and work really well together. They range from a dark taupe, a rich rose, a delicate pink and a light pearl, all with a very soft shimmer. Of course these eye shadows are unbelievably soft. Laura Mercier is known for her "cashmere" like eyeshadows and these are no exception.

When I first saw the Plum Velvet palette (pictured above), I remember thinking how beautiful it was but this Pink Rain palette is even better. I'm almost afraid to use, I want to hang on to it as long as possible. If you see this palette in person, I think you'll agree but you'll need to act fast. Laura Mercier counters everywhere are selling out of the Pink Rain palette as we speak.

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