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PRODUCT REVIEW: Kiehl's Super Thick VolumizerHave: thin but a lot of hair. Want: Thicker luxurious major movie star hair.Wow. Look no further. Kiehl's Volumizer is absolutely amazing. With sunflower and sesame seed oils, this root lifter easily sprays onto roots with it's nozzle so you can close to the scalp. Then just blast with your blow dryer and you not only have thicker hair, but it lasts for days. I loved this. I'm just this much closer to the hair I always wanted. Just note this product works best sprayed on damp hair because the heat of the blow dryer is what does the trick. Or you may get what I got, hair that feels a little sticky. (Hey, I gotta try....) Overall? A product I definitely will be adding to my hair styling arsenal. My hair was considerably thicker, with no sticky, tacky or product feel whatsoever. It's a miracle in a volumizer bottle.....From the Kiehl's Website: * Applicator allows for direct application to hair roots * Thickens hair texture * Long-lasting, medium hold * Allows hair to remain flexible * Not tested on animals Our super thickening spray provides lift and support to hair where needed, but specifically at the roots. With medium hold, this formula gives long-lasting volume and shape as it thickens the texture of the hair, while allowing hair to remain flexible. The special root-lifting applicator allows for direct application to hair roots where this volumizing formula is most effective. The superb blend of instantly-absorbed oils - derived from Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Soy Beans - further conditions and protects hair.8.4 oz. $17.00 Kiehl's Super Thick VolumnizerEven better? Kiehl's lets you pick 3 complimentary samples with your online order.For more styling tips using Super Thick Volumizer, please click here.Kiehl's WebsiteTechnorati Tags: product review, the beauty newsletter [...]

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