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Almay's Intense I-Color Collection ...

By Elke

Hmm, this is just a thought.


Upon coming across an ad for the Almay 'Play Up Collection' from Intense i-Color, I noticed something. And something's not quite right.

You see, in their pre-coordinated eye makeup collection, they've broken down colors for blue, brown, green and hazel eyes. Each collection contains a eye shadow palette of 3 shades, a liquid liner and mascara.

So far so good.

But there's something wrong here.

First off, liquid liner? Well, if you're looking for longevity in your liner, use the liquid first, and then apply your darker shadow on top to smudge and set. But liquid? What happened to a long lasting, easy to use pencil? Add the mascara, no problems there.


But what gets me is the eye shadow palette.

You see, the colors to me are off.
And this is just a makeup artist talking here.

Here's what you get:
Blue eyes have a blue shadow palette.

Brown eyes have a brown shadow palette.

Green has a green (with one lavender shade) palette.

And Hazel has a copper, with a peach and champagne color palette.

Does anyone else see this? Since when is blue eye shadow the thing for blue eyes? And green for green? And brown for brown? I think Almay needs to get a makeup artist on board. Because this is so 1970's. Oh, it's selling like crazy, because they've taken the work out of figuring out what you need to buy and wear. Smart. But isn't this the outdated version?

Because I remember when blue shadow was sooo out, especially for blue eyes, but there it is, a light blue, navy blue and oh, don't forget that one copper color. But blue shadow is so old school, and actually makes blue eyes look white, or icy-blue. And who wants to wear blue shadow?

And the green. Well, the lavender will bring out the green in your eyes (old color theory. Red brings out green. Like in Christmas? For shadow, you would use burgundy or lavender, or anything with red in it. Rust is the way to go.)

Brown eyes get the short end of the stick. There's really nothing that brings out brown eyes. Gold can make them look more 'cat like', by bringing out the yellow in the brown eyes, copper and bronze look great, even green shadows. And hazel eyes will change color based on what you're wearing (clothing or makeup) so you can play with that. But then what?

Make it easy. Get the hazel eye shadow palette. It will work on all eye colors and bring out what you want it too. Your eyes!


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