7 Best Fashion Tips for Curvy Teens ...

One of the keys to having great style is knowing what kind of clothes work for your body type! If you’re a curvy chick, these tips will get you in the know! You’ll be stylin’ high in no time flat and all your stick-thin friends will be jealous. But here’s what I always say: Honey, if you got it, flaunt it! Here’s 7 best fashion tips for curvy teens.

1. Tailor Clothes to Fit

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If you find a great pair of jeans that fit you in the length and the thighs but are a bit loose in the waist or the rear, you can always have them tailored to fit you. Another good idea is to buy something several sizes to big and have the whole thing taken down to your size. This gives you a custom-made piece of clothing that fits you perfect and flatters you in all the right places. This isn’t practical advice for everyday clothing, or for trendy things that come and go out of fashion, but for a special occasion, or for your basic wardrobe essentials this is your best bet.

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