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Get the Rich Look by Accessorizing

By Fashion

As someone who is not independently wealthy or in a 6 figure position at work, I like to try to find items that will make me look rich without paying the "rich girl's" price tag. Not that I need everyone I pass to think I'm BFF with Paris Hilton, but I don't see anything wrong w/ trying to look nice and taking my outfit to the next level. My fave way of getting a rich look is by accessorizing with designer items. I heard once that the only items of your outfit that you can't skimp on are shoes and purse. This makes sense to me, so I'm always on the lookout for a great designer accessory at a good price.I just bought this fab Burberry cashmere scarf from BlueFly.comI love this scarf b/c you could totally toss it on with jeans and a black tee and look oh-so-chic, but you could also wear it with a formal black/neutral suit and heels for your regular work day. This scarf is timeless and will likely last me a lifetime!(click here for details)Check out this classicly styled purse by Marc Jacobs - the ivory chevron leather framed medium handbagThis sytle of purse will never go out of style, so it almost makes it worth the money. If you don't have a thousand dollars you're willing to spend on a purse, there are plenty of other options still in the lower hundred dollar range that will make your outfit pop, but a great purse is a great investment. Designer totes are built to last, and if you get a classic cut, you'll enjoy years of great use.(click here for details)For me, I'd rather have one or two nice items, than a whole closet full of cheap stuff. I'm not saying I'm not a sale-rack shopper, but there's a difference between a nice blouse that's been marked down and a blouse that was thrown together with cheap materials and is only $5 full price.If you want to get the rich look on a budget, try finding designer accessories on sale. Items like scarves, gloves, wallets, and sunglasses are smaller and use less materials, so they will already cost less than that million-dollar evening gown full price, making them in your price range on sale. Sometimes, you can even treat yourself and splurge on a couple full price least, that's what I like to do. :) [...]

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