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Fake Jeans 5 Ways to Spot Them ...

By Lori

Fake premium jeans are becoming more and more common. Luxury goods have always been the target of counterfeiters (How many of us own a cute "Proda" bag that we bought off the street corner?), but it seems that the amount of fake goods being imported into the United States has been steadily rising. And with the rise of online sales, fakes can be harder to spot. Can you tell the difference between the True Religion jeans below?



The more desired an item is, the more likely there’s a fake version out there so premium denim has been hit hard lately. Unsuspecting consumers are ending up with fake Diesel’s 7’s and True Religions to name a few.

If you love a good denim bargain but are afraid of ending up with a fake, here are 5 things to look for:
• **Fabric: **Fakes are made of cheaper denim that will feel stiffer and heavier than premium originals.• **Workmanship: **Look at the quality of the stitching. Premium brands reject samples that do not adhere to their quality standards. Uneven stitching and loose threads could indicate a fake.• **Stitching: **Most jeans have signature stitching on the pockets that makes them unique. Subtle differences in pocket stitching can be hard to spot, but are sure signs that you are dealing with a fake.


• **Labels: **Look carefully at the labels. Fakes will usually have subtle differences in writing (look at the difference in the number 9 on the labels above)or label quality. Both paper and fabric tags are usually made of cheaper materials than their authentic counterparts. • **Wash: **Look carefully at the fading and distressing. Fake jeans are distressed quickly and with little artistic flare. Their fade patterns will look extreme and too uniform in comparison to premium originals.

If you’re looking for a bargain on premium denim, be sure to do your research and become very familiar with the real thing. If you know what to look for, spotting fakes is that much easier. And remember the old saying: "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!"

Test your fake spotting skills at The International Anticounterfeiting Coalition.

For specifc fake spotting by denim brand, check out the ebay guide on buying premium denim.

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