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Be a Jeans and T-shirt Girl ...

By Anne

About a week ago, I made a post of "Are there girls who only wearing pants?" ,turns out, there are many girls who only wearing pants. So I thought to myself, why can't we just be a jeans and T-shirt girl? Well... sometimes...

How jeans and T-shirt can be sexy...

Well... really depend on who you are and how much you weight. I don't think the same jeans is going to look nearly as sexy on me. (Because I have short legs )Plus I don't have the big hair like this. What I usually do is tug them in a pair of high boots (with little heels) and put my hair up high. It's very refresh look , believe or not, I've received lots of compliments from that look. For a night out, I will just add some eye catchy accessories, you know, something that shines... it works really well. Simple but works.

We all have a pair of skinny jean whether we can fit in it or not. If we can not fit in it today, we work on our diet and hopefully we will fit in it tomorrow. 14">">14 Inch Cigarette Leg Jean in Ink. ($158, J Brand from CoutureCandy)

As for the T-shirt, I don't think you have to go blue if you don't like it. I do, however, have one that just look like that and I've try it with skinny jeans, works great.

Did we mention by definition of "jeans and T-shirt", denim skirt is in the family too? Well... look at this...Is that cute and sweet or what?


Hudson aged denim flap-pocket pencil skirt ($84, carried by Bluefly) Did you noticed the cutes on the side? Beautiful! It's gonna be comfortable and sexy!

Just about anything could go well with this skirt. We picked a shirt and sweater top. (">"> argyle v-neck sweater $69.50 from Espirt) It's totally personal. I just like the diamond shape on sweater for some reason.

In fact, I own a pair of skirt that is very similar to this one. I wearing it all the time when I go shopping because it is so easy to take it off or put it back when I need to try things on.

OK... you've probably figured out my point already. You can be glamor with jean too! It's Okay to be a jeans and T-shirt girl as long as you know what to go with it and what accessories you are going to use in order to enhance the beauty of it.

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