7 Ways to Tie a Scarf or Pashmina ...


7 Ways to Tie a Scarf or Pashmina ...
7 Ways to Tie a Scarf or Pashmina ...

If you haven’t noticed (or live far South), we’re in the midst of the vengeance of winter – you know, the constant whiteouts, slippery sidewalks and freezing temperatures. Scarves in cold weather climates are essential. But depending on the cut and fabric of the handy accessory, a scarf can also be utilized in a variety of ways, depending on the way it is tied. And I’m sure I’ve mentioned here how obsessed I am with our local street selling Pashmina lady (so cheap!).

Keep some of these tips to tie a scarf or Pashmina handy for use as both a winter necessity and forward fashion item for future months.

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Knotty Image source: scarves.net

The Knotty look is best achieved with short scarves or small-squared Pashminas. Fold lengthwise, wrap around the neck and knot in front. The larger the knot, the more the fashion statement! Best utilized in not-so-bone-chilling temperatures, this option pairs perfectly with deep V-neck tops.


Artistic Image source: ljplus.ru

Called artistic for its creative inspiration, this look is created with the commingling of two scarves. Intertwine the two fabric accessories and either wrap or knot above the clavicle or on top of the shoulder. I use this tying version most often (ask my Pashmina collection) because of the many varieties and combinations of styles I can design. It suppresses a bit of my overwhelming need to be fashionable during the “miserable months” too.


Wrapped and Belted

Wrapped and Belted Image source: adored.austin

This look can be achieved with one scarf and a belt – or two scarves; one used itself as a belt. Simply, wrap one piece around your shoulders, with points in front, and belt it around the waist. If you use a second scarf, twist-and-tie it around the other. If you are feeling ultra-crafty, you can cut a hole in the center of the wrapped scarf (large enough for your head) -- wearing almost as a poncho -- then follow the same directions to complete your belted look.



Draped Image source: 7donuts.com

The draped way to wear a scarf is so simple and elegant – and is perfect for wearing over bare shoulders at black tie events. Take a long shawl and gently drape it over your shoulders. You have two options from there: tie it in front, or tuck both ends underneath your arms, and tie behind your back. I often choose the latter, as it keeps it the ends out of my front view.


French Twist

French Twist Image source: myaccessory.ru

The French Twist is a classic knot-tying direction: Start by forming a band (simply by folding over and over). Place the middle in the front of your neck and wrap backwards and around, bringing the ends back forward. Tie in a single knot, twisting it slightly off center, then double-knot to secure. Voila!


Head First

Head First Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

If I told you how many times I left the house without a hat, my grandmother would roll in her hypothetical grave. This is why I always be sure to leave the house with a scarf tucked in my bag during fall and winter seasons. For the many times those temperatures plummeted (as expected or unexpected as it were), my scarf always saves my head and ears from the cold. Wrap until you’re warm! Of course, you want to keep your sight line free when doing so.



Belted Image source: lusttforlife.com

I cannot believe I only recently discovered this chic fashion idea. By using my long scarves as a belt, my wardrobe benefits from a variety of additional looks. Using the longer, patterned or textured scarves, I can wear tightly as an Obi-style belt or loosely, using the dangling parts as an accent to my outfit.

It’s winter… so bundle up! You know what other convenience a scarf has – as a blanket… because the theater or restaurant has an almost-certain chill. Pashminas are so versatile in use, and I cannot resist their lush, cozy fabric. Do you wear a scarf for fashion, necessity or both?

Top Photo Credit: thehomebird

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I love all pashmina scarves No 4 is awesome i like to drape pashmina scarves thanks for sending

Mmm! I love Wrapped and Belted! So fashionable! Have never tried that myself! Can't wait to give this look a go! Excellent tips! :) PS: I also like when they tie a scarf to a bag, a-la Catherine Deneuve, if it's the right bag and the right scarf, it can look very feminine and chic!

I love the Wrapped & Belted style. Head First is also pretty good. Oh the many times I wished I'd been smart enough to leave the house with a hat! I'd like to give the Belted style a try but I think I'd need at least a rough knowledge on how to tie an obi.

Draped is simple and cute way to wear it. Thats what I always do with my pashminas =) Belted is a nice try I think.

I love the belt and wrapped as well!

The 3 dollar scarves you call Pashmina are viscose made scarves that are manufactured in bulk in China. They will be soft, even a polyethene bag is soft, but please don't say they are Pashmina. Real Pashmina is made with goat hair and is finest Cashmere. Only if one feels and wears one they can appreciate the quality, warmth and comfort feel.

Is pashmina cheap?....In Indian standard it is not. But fake pashmina are also available.

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