Cooking Tips and Handy Cooking Hints ...


Cooking Tips and Handy Cooking Hints ...
Cooking Tips and Handy Cooking Hints ...

**Bacon **
Minimize bacon shrinkage by running bacon under water before frying. This reduces shrinkage by about 50%

**Baking Fish **
When baking whole fish, wrap in aluminum foil. When fish is done, it can be lifted from the baking pan without the fish falling apart. To remove the foil, slip a spatula under the fish and slide foil out after fish is on the platter.


Boiling Corn:
Never boil corn for more than 3 minutes. Be sure to place the corn in boiling water, and do not add salt. You will find the flavor is much better than cooking for 10 minutes or more. Corn will never get soft, no matter how long you cook it-it will only lose its taste.


**Brown sugar a solid rock? **
Has your bag or box of brown sugar turned hard as a rock? Try this helpful hint: Place a slice of fresh bread in the package of sugar and close securely. Let set for a few hours and your sugar will be as good as new!


**Easy Methods to Can Tomatoes **
Fill large pot with water. Boil....Place the tomatoes
in the boiling water for about 1 minute. Immediately remove the tomatoes and place in a colander. Pour ice cold water over them. This method will make the skin very easy to peel off. Put the tomatoes in sterilized jar and add cold water to cover them. Add 2 tablespoons of salt. Seal and cover!


**Another Easy Method to Can Tomatoes **
The easiest way to can tomatoes. Have a a pot of boiling water, dip the tomatoes in the pot for about 1 min. Take them out and immediately run them in a colander of cold water. The skin will just fall/peel off. Place them in a canning jar add cold water to cover place a couple of Tablespoons. of salt on top and presto, you can seal them.

**Fresh Egg Test **
Fill a bowl or pan with cold water and add some salt. Place the egg in the water. If it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh. If the egg rises to the top, the egg is no good. Save yourself a tummy ache if you are unsure when you last bought your eggs!


**Keeping Food Fresh **
To keep large quantities of yellow cheese, bacon or ham fresh: Wrap in a cloth that has been soaked in vinegar and wrung out. From time to time, add more vinegar to the cloth. This also seems to make ham and bacon more tender.


Green Beans
Do not buy the larger, nobby beans. They are old and tougher than young beans. Make sure you purchase fresh beans. To see if beans are fresh, here is a test. Break a bean in half and it should snap with a crispy feel. 1 pound of fresh beans will serve 4 people. You can cook beans whole if they are small. Otherwise cut them in 1 inch pieces.

Never overcook your vegetables. Overcooking will
cause them to loose flavor, texture and vitamins.


Trouble Whipping Cream?
Have trouble making whipped cream? Can't get it to whip correctly? Be sure to put the bowl and egg beater in the refrigerator

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