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5 Kitchen Tools Help Make Your Cook Life Easier

By Anne

There are must have tools in kitchen then there is "I wish I have..." items in kitchen. I can't stop piling up must have items like dishes as well as constantly looking for items that are on the wish list. Once a while, there are something that you just want to have!

If you can get the same result for the same effort in half of the time, why not, right? This Double">">Double Balloon Whisk (10 inch/$13.95, 12 inch/ $15.95, is looking very cute and working very effective. Although I haven't test it out personally, I could imagine how much time it could save for those bakers! Some customer review says it gives you more control while whisking eggs! Now, that's a lot of power from such a little tool!

You know how hard it is to ask your husband to give you a hand and help open your stubborn jar lids? No muscle is needed if you own this Gripper">">Gripper Jar Opener ($15.95, by Kuhn Rikon ) I've seen the similar thing on TV quite few times now, although I am not sure whether it is the same brand. As some consumer says, once you have it, you can't live without it...

This is a for him tool. You know how much of a hassle to clean the grill after a party? Yeah, he knows. Help him to keep his grill neat and clean and enjoy BBQ more! I am sure that he will appreciate that! The Motorized">">Motorized Grill Brush is only $25(from men friendly brand: Brookstone) which is very affordable. And the design is space saving so it won't clutter your kitchen which is always a plus. I grabbed one for my hubby when I bought the BBQ set for last year's Christmas.

This is a must have tool for those who likes to cook turkey on holidays. Digital">">Digital Instant Read Thermometer ($9.99) Now is the best time to buy it. (only half price!) Wait few more months and you will see the price double up and regretting...

temperatures from -58 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures from -50 to 230C.

Food processor is a big time saver and hassle saver. But I find myself using this little tiny thing much more often. Why? Food processor is too big for small family dinner and it is a hassle to clean it up. It is too big for dish wash and I hate to do dishes. Green">">Green Twist and Chop Vegetable Chopper ($17.95) is much more practical for that matter. (Also featured on this month's Elle. )

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