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LOL! I don’t want to blow my own horn here, but being an economist does feel kind of cool at times. Now, having to drag myself through 1500 pages of Corporative Law definitely isn’t one of those times but never mind. There are times when I actually feel proud for choosing Economy as a subject I want to become an expert in. Times like these, for example:

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You’ll Always Be Able to Find a Job

Economists are like cockroaches – not even a nuclear war could stop us doing our thing. As long as people exist, money or its equivalents will exist too and when there is money, there will be people willing to act as intermediaries and manipulate it. Now, this is way too simplified but I’m sure you understand the point.


You Actually Understand What People on TV Are Talking about

You understand the charts and diagrams, terms people use and long term prognosis famous economy experts make. That alone is a great thing because you are able to get the most out of the information provided. However, how you use that information is what counts the most. You’ll be able to tell if the near future will bring positive or negative financial trends and you’ll be able to tell when is a good time to spend and when is a good time to save. Freshly printed bills make you worried because you know that’s not a good thing – you know the government is pumping more money into the system and you know the prices are going to go up soon too.


You Can Tell if a Politician is Lying

Politicians often use difficult words and phrases in order to make their speech sound more pro. When people hear that they usually thing “Okay, this guy definitely knows what he’s talking about”. Well, that’s just the thing about knowing the matter – you can just tell if a person it’s faking it. And they often say pretty funny stuff too! Is there anything funnier than listening to somebody use a bunch he himself doesn’t understand?


You Have Your Own Take on Economy Crisis

Your opinion about economy crisis is pretty good and based on information you’ve heard, thought through and figured out. Now, the fact that you’re not trying to pass somebody else’s words as your own wisdom makes you rank very high in the eyes of your chat buddies. Why? Because you can elaborate on every one of your points and even import some new ones as the conversation moves forward.


You Pick up New Things like a Sponge

Economy is your subject of expertise so you pick up more things other people. That doesn’t make you more special or anything, just more informed about the things that are of interest to you. It’s actually quite simple –things that others hear as a bunch of mumbo jumbo they can’t make heads and tails of, are perfectly clear thus easy to memorize for you. You might never get to use these things but knowing them is useful nevertheless. After all, curiosity killed the cat, not an economist!


You Can do Your Own Finances

You don’t have to pay somebody to help you get your finances straight, you can do them yourself, in the time that is the most convenient for you. If you are a marketing specialist looking to open a private business, you can devise your own marketing strategies and enjoy in the fruits of your success knowing that you have only yourself to thank for it.


By mastering the basics of accounting and personal finance, budgeting and financial planning become empowering tools that elevate your independence. Whether it's keeping track of expenses, investments, or tax obligations, gaining this financial acumen can be incredibly satisfying. Moreover, understanding the numbers gives you a clearer view of your business performance, enabling you to make informed decisions for growth. Being in control of your financial health is both liberating and practical, as it equips you with the confidence and knowledge to steer your economic future.


You Have a Wide Selection of Part Time Jobs

Let’s say you already have a steady job but you would like to find another one you could to part time. No problem! You can do somebody’s finances, revise financial reports for the companies that don’t have a licensed accountant or even earn your extra cash by writing articles and tutorials on financial matters. Knowing a lot about this burning matter and gaining more experience could help you advance in your career and work your way to the top the best way you can. But, until that happens, you’ll always be able to find an extra gig to help you get through the hard times.

Don’t get me wrong, girls, all jobs have their benefits. So tell me, do you think being an economist is a profitable occupation?

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A lot of politicians lie. I'm too young to be an economist (I want to become either an actress or politician, though) but I can tell when politicians are lying or are making a speech about really stupid stuff just to make themselves look good. (I'm staring at you, Obama!)

I envy you.

It does indeed sound great. All of these things on the list are great.

i agree on your post! i am currently studying my last college semester and my mayor is business administration and that was the greatest choice of my life! i am in love with administration, management, economy and finances. my friends used to tease me because i was in business (saying it was oh so easy, i was almost lazy for studying it, that they DID had real careers) until they had subjets related. they had a hard time learning the basics and realised how good is to have economical education for anything in life, even to know when to buy those amazing clothes you saw at net-a-poter! good luck and keep studying girl!

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