7 Reasons We Love Cheryl Cole ...


If you don’t know the name of Cheryl Cole you soon will as she is due to be one of the judging panel on USA X Factor, Simon Cowell’s alternative to American Idol. Cheryl is a former talent show winner herself having been one of the singers chosen to form Girl’s Aloud on a UK series of Pop Idol. She’s a darling of the press and all of us in the UK and let’s hope you take care of her because she is only on loan.

So just why do we love her?

1. She’s Pretty Normal

… as celebrities go. She lives in the limelight but she is no sleaze magnet. All throughout her much publicized break up from top English soccer star Ashley Cole she remained a picture of dignity. And she’s a friend of the second British Royal family – the Beckhams.

She’s a Proud Geordie