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Summer Beauty Reminder Nipple Pads

By Maria

Even the stars aren’t excused from this boo-boo: getting caught or photographed with your nipples almost saying, “Hello, look at us!” Here’s a quick reminder especially to those who want to roam around braless! Get nipple covers please! (Unless you’re really the type of person who wants everyone to look at your… uhmm… assets) Nipple tapes, nipple pads… whatever and however you call them in your side of the world…believe me, they’re for your own good! Just check out these photos and see if you want to be in that same situation!



I like these nipple covers from Marks and Spencer. I’m not a big fan of stick on bras but hey, if it works for you!

Another thing you must remember (and this is my personal opinion)… make sure to wear a nude-hued bra **when you’re going to wear a **black top. Refrain from wearing white bras because when you get photographed, the bra will be obvious! Just a handy tip!
Do you have other summer beauty reminders of your own? Do share!

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