Top Tips on Looking Sexy Sans the 'Sleazy' ...


Top Tips on Looking Sexy Sans the 'Sleazy' ...
Top Tips on Looking Sexy Sans the 'Sleazy' ...

A lot of women have this misconception that the only way for them to look sexy is to show a lot of skin. Although showing a little skin is a great way to sex up your look - you can definitely go overboard and create a look which is on the 'sleazy' side. So how do you create a balance between looking sexy without being sleazy? Here are a few tips that you can follow:

• **Wear dresses created from fabrics which luxuriously slide against your skin. **

Dresses which are made from satin, cashmere and soft, touchable fabrics which hug your curves without actually revealing any skin is one of the top ways for you to look and feel sexy.

• **Vamp up your lips and your hair. **

An otherwise conservative outfit can still look sexy if you have the confidence to wear bloody red lipstick and a hairstyle which flatters the shape of your face.

• **Choose the right color. **

A little black or red dress can definitely heat things up - but you can also be ultra-sexy with outfits made of metallic shades like silver, gold and pewter.

With these three simple tips, you can go from wallflower to crowd pleaser in an instant - and your sexy look will definitely be a hit without looking at all sleazy.

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Your hairstyle can affect our overall appearance. Choosing a sexy hairstyle can make you feel and look sexy.

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