How to Be a Super Hot Woman ...


How to Be a Super Hot Woman ...
How to Be a Super Hot Woman ...

Sizzling, sexy, confident, attractive, oozing with sex appeal -all these are the qualities that the hottest women have. For some men, being smart may be a contributing factor, but for the most part, it’s the outer appearance that counts. This is because men are visual creatures, and you need to give them that extra incentive to take a second look at you and finally realize what a hot **woman **you are.

In the tradition of the book “**How to be a Super Hot Woman**” by Mandy Simons and Emily J. Terry, All Women Stalk has compiled a list of -what else? -exactly how you can be a super-hot woman!

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Think It, Feel It and Live by Your ‘hotness Factor’

Think It, Feel It and Live by Your ‘hotness Factor’ The cliché ‘It all starts from the inside’ applies when it comes to being a super hot woman. What you feel deep within you will reflect on the outside.

For example, if you’ve had a really bad night and you’re feeling grumpy in the morning -you will look a mess for the entire day no matter how expensive your dress is or how thick your makeup is.

Taking on a positive attitude about things, no matter how down a situation may be, will contribute to how you look on the outside.

When it comes to your ‘hotness’ ****factor, your credo should be think it, feel it and live it!


Be Independent

Be Independent If you’ve ever read one of those historical romantic novels with **Fabio **on the cover, you should know that hapless females are a thing of the past. The **women **of today are perfectly capable of standing up on their own, without a man to rescue them like a damsel in distress -although it’s good to want to feel like that sometimes (if there are still knights-in-shining-armors).

If you’re in a relationship, pick up the tab at times; make the first move every once in a while; ask him out on a date that you planned -these little things and gestures when it is the woman who takes charge is a major turn on for most men.

Also, knowing that you’re anti-clingy and independent may just make them want you more.


Feel Sexy -but Only in Clothes That You Are Comfortable Wearing

Feel Sexy -but Only in Clothes That You Are Comfortable Wearing Being a ‘hot’ **dresser does not necessarily mean that you need to show a lot of **skin. Not all women are blessed with a model’s or actress’ body, which makes them hesitant to wear skimpy outfits. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t.

You can still wear equally ‘hot’ **outfits in the form of **ultra-sexy lingerie, which glides luxuriously against your skin. It’s your **attitude **in carrying the clothes that count.


Never Think That Just Because You’re in Your 40’s or 50’s -this Means That You Should Give up Your Being ‘hot’ or Your Sexuality

Never Think That Just Because You’re in Your 40’s or 50’s -this Means That You Should Give up Your Being ‘hot’ or Your Sexuality Have you ever seen Dame Judi Dench and Helen Mirren walk the red carpet? These two women are way over their prime but they managed to look even **hotter **than some of the younger **Hollywood **celebs.

This is because of the way that they dress, how they carry themselves, their** confidence**, their strut, their attitude -everything. If you want to stay as hot **as these **women **when you reach a certain age, you should never think that you should hand over your French cut **lingerie **and trade them with granny, **Bridget-Jones’-Diary panties! Be comfortable with your own **body **and your **hotness **will spill over.


Take up a Sport

Take up a Sport We can’t all be super-gorgeous athletes like Ana Kournikova, Danika Patrick or Maria Sharapova but we can at least attempt to take up a sport. Aside from making you feel great about yourself, taking up a sport like swimming, tennis, **volleyball **or even the simple act of running can add sizzle to your otherwise boring image.

At the end of the day, being a super hot woman does not necessarily mean that you will be following these tips just so that you can catch the eye of the opposite sex.
Take up a Sport Belonging to the ‘super hot’ category should still be about you -so that you can feel good about yourself on the inside -by looking **gorgeous **and scorching **hot **on the outside!

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Apparently, based on the photos taken, you have to be ungodly thin to be hot, have long hair, and dress like a hooker. I agree that it is in the attitude and the way you conduct yourself, however, you dont need to be emaciated to be hot. Look at Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, or Queen Latifah. These women proved that you can be sexy and hot and still enjoy pizza. If I was a man and took a woman out to dinner and all she ate was a salad with a squeeze of lemon, I'd think twice before taking her out again.

Men love women who are active. If you pick up sport like tennis, golf, or running... Like Nike (Just do it!) and the men will come. Be active and be up and positive and you have alot a men after you. What ever sport you play have a positive attitude and be positive about it! (You can really suck at it!) And you love life will hot!

Oh Gawd... these tips were gay... any woman that believes them needs a reality check... I mean give me a break... ok thanks... bye

You definitely need to feel great to look great. If you feel crappy, you look it too! Changing your attitude and outlook is the most important thing by far. Just feel that you are sexy and believe works!

It's easy to have a good attitude when you look like THESE women.... i think you know that the average woman looks, well.. average. It sounds really superficial when you say it's mostly the outer appearance that counts. Don't you have tips for women who don't look like perfect 10's?

Sarah... dont go for any quick fix books. I can tell you go otu there be more independant. It seems your fiaNCE IS attracted to you because he wouldnt be your fiance otherwise. I think youve got insecure ... i was insecure with my boyfriend abotu a year ago. I still am about physical appearance i always wonder who he finds hotter. But you know guys have feeligns too they dotn just look for hottness. YYou obviously have soemthign that keeps him captivated you just need to know what that it. About makign him more interested, be distant, more reserved but not drastically. as you say you know your pretty and you have the same issue as i had, i am pretty and i have a good figure im very lucky but i see other girls and guys looking and get jealous and sad because guys look. But its eye candy that theyre lookign at, you need mroe confidence in yourself , You are obviously a woman of substance not a painting to glance at if you understand me. I'd rather be someones loved and adored fiance than a page 3 model thats "hot" anyday. About makign youself more confident, really do take up a sport of somekind with people you feel comfortable around, a few guys maybe. I htink you need somehtign to make you more outgoing maybe, aerobics is social and fun and tones up those areas you said your disapointed with. Go out without your fiance, let him know your an independant woman, i think hes so used to you and you being there that he feels he doesnt need to make an effort, He is in his comfort zone, adoring the fact that you adore him and im thinking you might be a little clingy. Independance going out on your own with other women maybe a few guys and doing some very active social sport will give him a nudge to make more effort. As you said about glasses, you can get contacts though theyre quite expensive. Glasses shouldnt give you dark circles, you might need more sleep and water. try switching coffee for a more rehydrating drinka nd get out to the outdoors istead of indoors on the computer that should help. good luck and remember every woman is beautiful sexy and most of all hot. You just need to unlock her and not let the general wear and tear of the day grind you down. ^^

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