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8 Ways to Spot a New BFF ...

By Jennifer

When you’re a little girl, it’s easy to make new friends. Potential BFFs are everywhere, at school, at swim lessons, soccer practice, even standing behind you and your mother in line at the shops. But now that we’re grown-ups, it’s a lot harder to make new friends, and to spot a new BFF. Here are my tips on spotting a new BFF…

1 She Listens

She ListensPhoto Credit: zattybadrol

If you’re constantly having to interrupt to get a word in edgewise, then this girl may not be BFF material. A friend, new or familiar, will want to listen to what you have to say, so they can get a feel for your opinions, style, and more.

2 She Asks Questions

She Asks QuestionsPhoto Credit: ~*SarahJane*~

One sign that this new friend might be BFF material is how well she listens. If she asks questions and pays attention to your answers, rather than making every conversation you have about her somehow, she’ll likely be a good, attentive friend… just what we’re all looking for! After all, one day, this girl may be wearing orange taffeta to stand up as a bridesmaid for you!

3 She’s There for You

Any friend, new or old, will make an effort to be available with cheesecake and Kleenex after a bad break-up or champagne and party favors to celebrate an accomplishment. Hopefully, you’ll have more things to celebrate rather than things that require the cheesecake cure…

4 She’s THERE

She’s THEREPhoto Credit: Chasity/Studio 423

I have a lot of friends I adore but who I never get to see, because we’re all busy, or they live so far away. If you’re looking to spend time with your new potential BFF, remember that may not be possible, given distance or schedules.

5 She’s Upbeat

She’s UpbeatPhoto Credit: lyrabellacqua

It’s always nice to be around friends who aren’t always down in the dumps. Of course, no-one can always be cheery and bright, but if you’re looking for a new BFF, be sure to choose someone who has a positive attitude, and who isn’t constantly complaining.

6 She Shares

She SharesPhoto Credit: theladymargaret

I’m not just talking about whether or not she’ll share the chocolate-chip cookies she just baked, although that’s quite important too. A mark of a potential BFF is how much she’s willing to share about herself. While gabbing too much about herself is something of a red flag, you do want a new friend who isn’t a complete mystery.

7 She Shares Your Interests and Humor

She Shares Your Interests and HumorPhoto Credit: kim-brr-lee

I’m always delighted when I make a new friend who gets my odd humor, loves Jane Austen and David Sedaris, and who enjoys some of the same hobbies I do. Even better if she wears the same size shoe, but who can complain? Surround yourself with friends who like the same things you do, or who have the same tastes, and you’ll uncover a new BFF for certain!

8 She Doesn’t Back-stab

With friends who back-stab, who needs enemies? Anyone who talks badly about someone else behind her back is surely doing the same to you when you’re not around. And who needs that? That’s not a potential new BFF, that’s a Frenemy, and you need to avoid those!

Once you spot your potential new BFF and identify her using these tips, make sure she doesn’t get inspired to move away, or if she does, make sure it’s somewhere warm and exotic, so you can holiday with her! Do you have any other tips for finding a new BFF, or telling if your new friend is a keeper? Please let me know!

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