10 Educational Christmas Gifts for Children ...

Buying toys is a pretty good Christmas strategy, right? I definitely agree on that one. However, kids always get a lot of toys and I somehow think buying yet another one is a waste of money. Now, I don’t have my own kids yet, but since I do a lot of shopping for my junior family members, I just feel the need to share my fascination with educational toys. Parents find them motivating and kids totally love them so I think I’ll be doing my fair share of educational gift shopping this Christmas too. I especially like these following 10:

1. Stepping into Science Play Kit

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Price: $34.99 at toysrus.com
You might call it childish but I honestly consider this toy fun enough to try it myself! This toy really makes learning about chemistry, biology and science fun and it gives children a chance to play, do experiments and see how scientific truths actually work in practice.

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