7 Creative Suggestions for Using Christmas Cards ...

By Talynn

7 Creative Suggestions for Using Christmas Cards ...

So, the holidays are over and you're packing up the decorations, throwing the junk away. But wait! Don't toss the Christmas cards! There are so many uses for them even after the holidays! Read on to find out more!

1 Use a Die Cutting Machine

Use a Die Cutting Machine Photo Credit: theurbancraftcenter

If you have one, or are planning to get one, Christmas cards make for great paper supplies for super cute crafts using the die cutting machine. Pictured is little, cute boxes made with a die cutting machine and old Christmas cards. You can use them to make a garland to decorate next Christmas, or make these boxes slightly bigger for small gift boxes!

2 Christmas Card Ornaments

Christmas Card Ornaments Photo Credit: jenngm67

Know what these little beauties are? Christmas card ornaments, of course! They are so pretty, and are incredibly easy to make. Simply cut out circles of your Christmas cards, bend the four sides, and glue them together, then decorate the edges and add a ribbon! Look them up on the internet for better directions.

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3 Christmas Card Bowl

Christmas Card Bowl Christmas card baskets are so cute, and very creative! If you know how to sew a little, you can make this! Here is the website with all the info you need to make it! familycrafts.about.com

4 Greeting Card Boxes

Greeting Card Boxes Photo Credit: whitneyskywalker

This idea was developed by a 10 year old boy! They make great boxes for small gifts and treats! Warning: They're addictive to make! You can find all the instructions here: kinderart.com

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5 Card Game

Card Game Photo Credit: toadranchlady

Take your favorite parts of the Christmas cards and cut them out (the same size) Then, glue a regular card game to the other. You will have Christmas themed game cards for when the family is over. Or, you can create your own memory game using the same idea.

6 Gift Tags

Gift Tags Photo Credit: artladymanor

Making gift tags for next holiday season is a popular way to recycle Christmas cards. There are many, many different ways to do them, so I'll let you do the research - otherwise, I would take up the entire article explaining myself! I have plans to do these in the next few weeks - I even skipped over the Christmas clearance stuff to do it!

7 Decorate Your Own Gift Bags

Decorate Your Own Gift Bags Photo Credit: tworabbits

Buy the plain and simple (and cheap!) brown paper gift bags. Cut out different parts of the Christmas cards and glue them onto the bags! Top with glitter and ribbons and you've got super cute (and cheap!) gift bags!

Being creative is fun! And recycling is good for our world! So why not put those Christmas cards to their ultimate use! Do you have any more ideas you'd like to add? Please feel free to add an idea through the comment box!

Top Photo Credit: CraftyGoat

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But most Christmas cards have writings inside of them. Surely you wouldnt want to ruin that part. What would you do then?

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