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13 Gift Suggestions for Active People ...

By Denise

It’s almost Christmas and I know that some people are still racking their brains and searching the internet for gift ideas. Because I am into the whole running scene and living an active life, I decided to put together a gift guide that will give you an idea what to give people who lead active lifestyles. I am only focusing on the general items because there are so many great products; it would hard to narrow it down to several specific ones...

1 Shoes

ShoesWorkout shoes are an essential part of an active lifestyle. You cannot go wrong with this gift. Anyone who workouts out will really appreciate a new pair of trainers. In buying this gift, I suggest that you go shopping with the person you intend to give the gift to. This is to ensure that you purchase the right kind of shoes and get the right fit.

2 Clothes

ClothesNew workout clothes would be a welcome gift any time of the year. If you are buying the clothes without the person who will actually wear them, make sure that you know their size. Ill-fitting workout clothes are the usual cause for blisters and chafing. This also applies to socks and, for women, sports bras.


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3 Accessories

AccessoriesWhile some people like to keep their exercise attire simple, there are others who like to accessorize. There are many accessories that can complement or enhance different physical activities. Some examples of accessories that you can give are: cap, visor, hydration belt, sunglasses, shoe wallet, armband, and a belt bag.

4 Water Bottle

Water BottleHydration is very important for people who exercise. A water bottle will encourage them to drink water or other liquids throughout the day. These days, choosing a water bottle can be a bit complicated. You can now choose from a variety of sizes, content capacity, designs, spout styles, and materials.

5 Gym Bag

Gym BagThere are a lot of people who work out who would love to have a sturdy gym bag that can fit their essentials. There are many styles to choose from so make sure that the person will actually like and use the bag. You can order online or check out your local shops.

6 Workout Gadgets

Workout GadgetsThere is an abundance of workout gadgets that you can purchase, depending on the needs of the recipient. For casual exercisers, you can give them a simple sports watch with a split/tap timer. For bikers and runners, you can choose more sophisticated watches with GPS (to track routes), heart rate monitors, speedometers, and other monitoring features. For gym enthusiasts, there are gadgets that track intervals, sets, and repetitions. There are also waterproof gadgets that swimmers can use.

7 Workout DVDs

Workout DVDsPeople who exercise also get bouts of laziness. During these times, they may not want to go outside or to the gym. Getting them workout DVDs is a good idea. The DVDs give them no excuse to skip out on exercise.

8 Sports Equipment

Sports EquipmentThe price of sports equipment depends on the type, the manufacturer, and the quality. There is a wide range of sports equipment: from protective gear, balls, rackets or bats, and exercise pieces like stability balls and free weights. Choose the equipment based on the exercise or sport that the receiver engages in.

9 Gym Membership

Gym MembershipI think that a gym membership is great for someone who is serious about getting fit and healthy, or for someone who gets restless when doing one thing for a long time. The gym has many activities and machines that provide people with diverse workouts so they won’t get bored. This gift is not cheap so be sure that you are giving it to someone who will really make use of it.

10 Sunglasses

SunglassesIf you’re shopping for the kind of active person that likes to spend time riding a bike or running, there are going to be days where it’s really sunny. Getting this kind of person a pair of really good sunglasses will be really helpful. Look for a pair that won’t slip down their nose when they start to sweat. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good pair either! Just make sure to do your research and make sure that they’ll be a good match for the active person in your life.

11 Water Reservoir

Water ReservoirThere are these really great water packs that can be held on your back like a backpack or attached to a bike. The packs hold water and have a mouth piece so that you can access your water easier and safer than a regular water bottle. Don’t worry about your avid bike rider reaching for a bottle or not looking while they’re taking a sip, get them these water packs to help keep their eyes on the road and their hands available.

12 Yoga Mat

Yoga MatActive doesn’t just mean running, biking, going to the gym, and all that kind of stuff! A yoga mat is a great gift for someone that loves to do yoga and pilates at home. These are really great to have under you instead of a hard floor. It’s really simple and there are a lot of cute ones out there if your active person is someone who would prefer a cute mat versus something plain. No matter what it looks like it’s a great gift!

13 Hot Hands

Hot HandsI’ve never heard of these, but now that I have I want to get them for every active person I know! They’re these awesome packs that can fit into your gloves and warm your hands while you’re working out. The people that run or do any other kind of outdoor activity will really appreciate warm hands. All you have to do is snap the packet and it will warm your hands while you run, ride a bike, or do anything else that’s outside. Keep the people in your life warm!

Gift giving, no matter what time of the year, is your way of showing that you know someone. Or that at least you have researched what that person might need or want in their life. While your sincere thoughts and intentions count a lot for the value of the gift, the item itself is also something that you should not completely disregard. When you buy gifts, take into consideration the lifestyle of the recipient and how your present can enhance their life.

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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