9 Adorable Christmas Cards for Your Loved Ones ...


9 Adorable Christmas Cards for Your Loved Ones ...
9 Adorable Christmas Cards for Your Loved Ones ...

Don't you love receiving christmas cards from your loved ones? We all love knowing that someone though of us! Make sure you put the same amount of time and thought into the christmas cards you buy for your family and friends. It may be just another card- but if you do it right it could be the very one that means the most to someone and brightens up their whole holiday season with a bit of cheer! Here are 9 adorable christmas cards for your loved ones!

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Awww! Can you already hear the "oooh's" and "ahhh's" when someone open up the card you sent them to a cute little wintery-white snowman? I've never met some one who didn't like snowmen! They are cute and wintery and -of course- magical! Remember frosty? He's the best snowman of all! Celebrate winter and christmas by sending out jolly snowman wishes. An added bonus is that snowmen cards will be super easy to find and purchase, but most people never grow tired of seeing them!


Picture Cards

In order to make sure you don't end up in the bottom of a drawer- or worse!- consider sending out a picture card! You can have them made up at Wal-mart or order them online for a very low cost! Choose from a variety of different backgrounds and colors and even add your own personal message if you want! They usually come with envelopes too so all you have to do is address them and pop them in the mailbox! Talk about easy! And everyone loves seeing how your kids have grown. If you don't have kids, a picture of your pet is always cute. Of course, any of your friends or family members will love to look at your beautiful face as well!



I don't think I've ever seen a christmas card with rudolph on it. Not to say that there isn't, because I'm sure there is. I just think he looks so festive and jolly and bright, wouldn't it be cute to find a card with a little red felt nose on it? I'm sure santa would approve! Poor rudolph, he was so self- conscious about that nose. Bet he never would have guessed that would be the very thing to make him so popular and beloved huh? I love watching the classic cartoons at christmas time! Makes me feel like a kid again!


Handmade Cards

Nothing says merry christmas quite like a handmade card can do! When you make your holiday greetings, it shows you put effort and time into the task! You don't have to go all out, it can be a simple design. In fact, for even more fun, grab your kids or siblings or neighbor kids and let them help! Spread out paper, scissors, pens, crayons, glitter, glue, pipe cleaner, stickers and all other kinds of arts and crafts supplies and have a great time together. Be sure and monitor small children with scissors of course and enlist the help of every one to clean up. Then admire your work with a good cup of hot chocolate!


Light up Cards

Here's a sure-fire way to grab some attention! Flashing light cards! You can generally find them at any store that sells cards. Not drugstores or dollar value stores, but party and paper supply stores. You can also check online! Light up cards are just one of the many novelties we can indulge ourselves in because, come on, it's christmas! Have fun, loosen up, and dare to buy a racy, fun christmas card! I promise adults enjoy this one as much as kids do!


Pop up Cards

These may be harder to find, but when I was a little girl, I remember seeing the most spectacular pop-up christmas card ever! I even have one that I received with the nutcracker ballet on it. You may not want to buy one of these for every single person on your list, I'm sure that specialty cards get expensive after awhile, but for a few of your super close family and friends, why not splurge? You'll be glad you did when you hear all the raves on that cute christmas card you sent!


Nativity Scene

Remember that old saying "He's the Reason for the Season"? I love christmas cards with santa and beautifully wrapped gifts under a tree, but I also love the little reminders of why we celebrate christmas in the first place. A simple card with a quite, peaceful bethlehem stable on the front is a quick way to once again remember why we have such a wonderful time of year! All of our christmas tidings need not be flashy in order to be meaningful and special. Send your love along with a gentle reminder to leave Christ in Christmas!



I absolutely LOVE penguins! They are such cute little fellows! My home is usually decked out with penguins come winter season. Every where you look you'll see them! On the table, on the mantle, on the wrapping paper, on my computer screen saver, on my snuggly blankets- you get my point! I saw the most adorable Christmas cards with penguins on them yesterday and I bet you can guess- yep I bought 'em! Now my friends will have a cute little penguin face on the refrigerator or card holder to remind them to have a merry little christmas this year!


Recording Cards

One year, at mother's day my siblings and I bought our mother a card that you could record things on. We all recorded a brief personal message and ended with "happy mother's day!" in unison. Just this year, I saw recordable christmas cards! Not a great idea for EVERYONE of course, but I'm sure grandparents and other close family members or friends would love a personal message from you and/or your children if you have any. If you're not very sentimental, you could pick up a card that plays a merry little tune when you open it! Either way, it's bound to bring a smile to that loved ones' face when they open it up!

Sending out christmas cards is usually just another task on our to-do list that needs to be checked off. This year, let it be a fun experience and send out a card that people will remember- and save to display next year! Which of these card ideas do you like the best?

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I love cards with pop-up pictures combined with musical ones :)

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