Top 7 Must Have MAC Products...


MAC is one of the hottest make up brands out and with so many products to choose from itโ€™s hard to get them all! Here are some of the MAC must have products!

1. MAC Paint Pot

MAC Paint Pot

Price: $16.50 at

This pigmented eye color can be used as a base before you apply eye shadow. It helps your eye shadow last longer and hold its color. I use Painterly Paint Pot, which is a fantastic neutral color, so it can be worn under any shade of eye shadow... perfect!

2. MAC Pigment

MAC Pigment

Price: $19.50 at

Pigments are loose powder eyeshadows. They provide intense color to your eyes. Pigments can be used to create intense colorful looks, and it's perfect for doing the smoky eye effect!

3. MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer

MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer

Price: $16.50 at

I have tried at least 5 different concealers, and I must say this is the ultimate concealing concealer! Itโ€™s very light and provides excellent coverage. This can be worn under or on top of foundation.

4. MAC Dazzleglass

MAC Dazzleglass

Price: $18.00 at

I love MACโ€™s Dazzleglass! My favorite shade is Bare Neccesity. Itโ€™s a nude shade that gives your lips a nice shine. This gloss is not sticky and it stays on your lips for the majority of the day!

5. MAC Lip Treatment

MAC Lip Treatment

Price: $14.00 at

I wear a lot of lip gloss! I am always trying different brands and shades. After a long day when I wash my face and take of my gloss, my lips are a bit dry. This lip treatment will keep your lips moist even on a day that you choose to wear lip balm. Your lips will look plump and moist after using this lip treatment.

6. MAC Fix +

MAC Fix +

Price: $18.00 at

If you wear foundation or any make up you will need this product! This is the finishing product to all looks. It keeps your face looking fresh and not caky. I hate the caky look! I spritz a little on a large make up brush and put it onto my face in a circular motion. Your face will look refreshed throughout the day.

7. MAC 217 Blending Brush

MAC 217 Blending Brush

Price: $22.50 at

This is a must-have brush! It is perfect for blending shadow. This is the only brush I use for my eyes! I call it my all purpose brush. It has the softest bristles, which leaves your shadow looking as if a professional had applied it!

What MAC products is your favorite? How much of your make up inventory consists of MAC? Which of these products do you already own? And what do you like about the product? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: JennKstep