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Perfume is great. There are loads of different smells, and good perfumes last all day, meaning anyone you go close to, gets to smell your choice of scent. That’s about the limit of my knowledge, though, and apparently there is so much more to know! I recently went to a perfume making session, and there were some really interesting topics bought up. Here are my top 8 things you always wanted to know about perfume...

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Perfume Damage?

Can perfume damage jewelry? I never really thought about it, but apparently it can. Perfumes contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals which can damage many different materials used in jewellery, such as pearls, gems, diamonds and silver. Minimise the damage by never applying perfume to jewelry, and waiting ten minutes for your perfume to dry before you put your jewels on.


Fading Fragrance

Fading Fragrance If you find your fragrance fades quite fast, but you don’t want to apply more for risk of an overload, try using body oil. This has qualities which mean the scent will ‘stick’ to it, and it will last much longer. Don’t fancy smothering yourself in oil? You can now get body oils which spray on in a light mist, which are great for this! They are my new favourite thing.


Old Roses?

Old Roses? Ever found that some rose scents remind you of old people, while some smell fresh and gorgeous? I’ve always wondered why, as I love the smell of roses. Perfumes with a mix of iris or amber base tend to smell quite old and antique, but rose scents with a rose base or a woody base keep a freshness that I love. So now I know which scents to look out for when I'm looking for a fun, flirty scent!


Scented Clothes?

Scented Clothes? I always find that my clothes keep the smell of perfume, and have to be washed before I can wear them again. Which means mylaundry pileis huge! The mistake I make is to apply perfume after my clothes, as putting it on before and allowing it to dry means it won’t transfer onto clothes. If you still have a problem, try using solid perfume instead.


Mix and Match

Mix and Match Some perfumes just smell so divine that I can’t help but wonder what it’d smell like mixed with my favourite... Can perfumes be mixed, though? I’ve been testing this out, and fruity smells seem to combine quite well! Both scents need to be quite light and focused, as overpowered scents will form a chemically smell if mixed.


Scent Warning

Scent Warning Once you’ve used your perfume for a while, your nose will become desensitized to it, and it won’t smell so great anymore. So you’ll have to spray more to get that familiar smell, and to feel like you’ve applied enough. Obviously everyone else can still smell it fine, and you’ll become one of those women who smell like they’ve sprayed on every perfume they own... the lesson? Try new scentsevery once in a while, and enjoy a refreshing change of smell.


Intimate Scents

I’ve had a few friends obsessed with keeping themselves smelling good down there, and I’ve always wondered if its actually okay to do so. Well, it isn’t unhealthy, but most perfumes arealcohol based and so will be very drying. Low moisture levels can lead to discomfort and even infections, so it’s best to use a dab of essential oil instead.


Does Deodorant Become Less Effective?

In the Summer, there are going to be days that you sweat, and I’ve always wondered if my deodorant will suddenly fail, or if it gets less effective after you’ve worn it for a while. The answer? No. As it doesn’t contain any drugs, your body cannot get used to deodorant, and so it will always be effective. So find one that works for you, and stick with it!

These facts have been a great help to me... not only have they helped me to reduce my washing pile, but they are also protecting my jewelry and stopping me smelling like an old person, and I’ve mixed some great new scents, too! Do you know a fact about perfume that most people don’t? Please share it with me!

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I would love to take a class like that!! I like perfumes..but i prefer body mists..they seem to have a lighter scent ( @ erin I Love VS too). I should practice switching up scents once in a while. I hove bottles that have never been used because I'm stuck on the ones lol :]

Choosing perfume is hardest job for me I must go in shop several times to choose one perfume :)

I'm obsessed with perfumes and sprays from Victoria's Secret! They're all so flirty and sexy. I bought a limited edition spray around Christmas from the PINK collection, and I also have the "Pure Seduction" spray from the Secret Garden collection. All of their sprays and perfumes come with a matching lotion, which works just as well as oil to keep the smell.

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