8 Things You Always Wanted to Know about Perfume ...

Perfume is great. There are loads of different smells, and good perfumes last all day, meaning anyone you go close to, gets to smell your choice of scent. That’s about the limit of my knowledge, though, and apparently there is so much more to know! I recently went to a perfume making session, and there were some really interesting topics bought up. Here are my top 8 things you always wanted to know about perfume...

1. Perfume Damage?

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Can perfume damage jewelry? I never really thought about it, but apparently it can. Perfumes contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals which can damage many different materials used in jewellery, such as pearls, gems, diamonds and silver. Minimise the damage by never applying perfume to jewelry, and waiting ten minutes for your perfume to dry before you put your jewels on.

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