7 Mistakes Dieters Make ...


7 Mistakes Dieters Make ...
7 Mistakes Dieters Make ...

Every few months or so, I decide it's time to go on a diet. I mean, don't we all? Now wether or not we get around to that diet is another story completely! Many of you out there probably have the same problems as I d when it comes to diets. No matter how far down you slash your calories, or how many grams of fat you cut out of your diet, you can't seem to melt of those pounds! There are several common mistakes that dieters make and I'm about to share them with you. Once you know how to outsmart even the most common calorie traps, you'll be dropping weight in no time at all! Plus you'll have all the added health benefits. So here you go, 7 mistakes that dieters make!

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Do the Math

Just because something says "light" or "fat-free" does not mean it's calorie free. Take a minute to stop and add up the calories per serving size. You may be able to eat a whole mini-pizza on your own, but that doesn't mean it's one serving size. Don't forget, drinks have calories too! Calorie counts are based on a single serving, typically 8 oz for a beverage. Read all labels carefully and calculate costs before you stuff your face. You may be surprised by what you realize you've been scarfing down!


Don't Clean Your Plate

We're all told as little kids that we have to clean our plate before we can get dessert. This of course, is good for us when we're little! We need to grow strong and healthy and not fill up on sweets entirely! But as adults, this habit carries over into our eating style-and not always in a good way! When the food looks and smells delicious, our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs and we end up heaping on-and scarfing down- more than necessary to fill our tummies. These added calories pack on the pounds! Dining out especially aggravates this habit because our mindset is "well, I paid for it, I better eat it all!". And serving sizes always seem to larger portions than what you might cook and eat at home. So don't clean your plate! stop eating when you feel full and you'll reap the benefits!


Buffet Boo-Boo's

An all-you-can-eat buffet doesn't mean you have to eat it all! I know it's tempting to have a little taste of all that glorious food you see, but DON'T! Remember, you are on a diet! If you find yourself at a buffet, be it a restaurant or a family birthday party, here's what to do. Remember, moderation is key. You don't have to starve yourself, or sit in the corner and watch every one else eat. Stick with healthy foods, and small portions. Salad, steamed veggies, fruits, and grilled or baked meats are all good choices! Steer clear of pastas, breads, casseroles, and other fat-loaded items. Decide to have your food but don't let it have you! You'll stick to your diet and still feel satisfied and full, and you'll wow them all!


Fast-Food Flub's

There's always going to be that day when you don't have time to pack a lunch. That doesn't mean you have to resort to a cheeseburger or a bag of chips. If you have to make a dash into McDonald's for lunch next week, order a salad with grilled chicken. Then use fat-free dressing and have water with it. Other healthy, diet- worthy choices include Yogurt and fruit, burritos, and veggie wraps. look over the menu before ordering. Most fast-food restaurants will have a weight-watchers or a dieters section to choose from!


Scoring Samples

You know those freebies they have at the mall? The cookie samples, the smoothie shots, chicken tasters and mini-cheese bites that are all so yummy and too good to pass up can give you an extra few hundred calories a day. Although it's hard, resist the urge! A polite "no-thank you" and you can keep trodding on toward your desired weight goal with no extra baggage!


Eat Your Meat

But not just any meat! Chicken, beef and fish are the best meat choices for dieters. You don't have to forego meat entirely just because you're on a diet! Meat has protein, which is a metabolism booster! Just avoid any fried meats. They are dripping with fat! Baked or grilled are the best way to go. And you generally want to keep portions under control. A good plan is to have fruit and cereal or granola for breakfast, a light salad at lunch, and a meat and veggies at dinner. However, tuna sandwiches are great choices for lunch meat when dieting!


Stick It out

The Number One mistake dieters make? Not Sticking it through till they reach their weight loss goal! It's understandable that life sometimes gets in the way, but as soon as you get past whatever you're dealing with that interferes with your diet, you should jump right back in there and pick your diet up where you left it! Dieting isn't easy, but then, nothing in life is easy. Don't be discouraged if you feel like you aren't making much progress. Your efforts will all pay off in the end and you will be feeling and looking fantastic!

Now that you know the 7 most common mistakes made by dieters, you will be able to avoid them and your next diet should be a breeze! Focus on losing that weight and nothing else! You will feel so great about yourself for accomplishing your goals and making it! Are you ready to get started?

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1 thing most people forget is if u don't have the food in the house you won't eat it so just start stocking the fridge with healthy stuff and chuck out the really fatty stuff

I just lessen my carbs and not drink too much softdrinks :( Makes me sad

Hi everyone, I'm Dee from Singapore. I am 1.61m tall and I weigh a mere 46kg. But I really am a big eater; I can have about 5-6 meals a day. Sometimes I have 2 breakfasts or 2 dinners. And the portions are NOT SMALL. At work, my colleagues even delegate me as a "food disposal unit", eating what they cannot finish so that they won't feel guilty for wasting. Do I exercise? Well, to be honest, the most frequent exercise I do is CHANNEL SURFING. Really, no kidding. I'm serious! But before you slap me for being a show off, please... I am not telling you all these to brag about my figure and weight but to share with you that sometimes it really is about eating smart. If a 25-year-old slacker like me can weigh pretty much the same since I was 15 years old, without alot of exercise, why can't it work for YOU? Firstly, FYI. I am Chinese and it is a tradition to have family dinner together every night... and 98% of my dinners are RICE. I had been eating rice almost every single day of my life so much so that a few years ago, I got sick of the plain white staple food (that many starving slum children are deprived of). So I only eat half a bowl. This equates to LESS CARBS. Oh, did I mention I dislike plain white bread? Secondly, I outgrew soft drinks since 15. My mother seldom stock up on Coke and all that evil bunch of sugary delights. Out of sight, out of mind; therefore it is good that you STOP drinking those stuff. Not even Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Don't trust them! Avoid looking at them too! Stick to water, tea, fresh juice and coffee sans sugar. Have you ever seen a fat Chinese woman in those stereotypical ancient tea-drinking-era paintings? Thirdly, I avoid processed foods (read: Anything in a CAN). Things like KETCHUP and chilli sauce, pancake syrup, jams, baked beans, mayonaiise, processed luncheon meat... I avoid them all, unless I have no choice. I also avoid margarine (highly processed vegetable oil... PROCESSED! Shoo!) and use butter instead. Lastly, I may eat alot, but I eat my greens. I eat my fruits too. Alot of people I encounter dislike veggies, dump them aside, eat alot of fried oily stuff and fatty meats and processed foods and then complain to me why God is so unfair to let me eat without being "punished". Puh-leeeze... EAT SMART! Make sure the ratio of veggies to meat is 1:1 or more. If I have 2 dinners, I'd make sure both have more veggies! For every spoonful of meat in your mouth, stuff down an equal amount of greens or MORE! Especially leafy GGGRRREEEEENNN greens. And if you hate the taste, hold your breath as you chow it down. Or just swallow it as quickly as possible. As for fruits, have some BEFORE a meal. ;) And yes, the fruit ratio is also 1:1. As for whether to eat fatty or lean meat... this, I cannot say... because I love eating pork fats and fatty chicken skin. People say it's slimy and gross but I LOVE IT. So... I'm not gonna say anything about this. Some people have said that I have a high metabolism rate. Well, I know I cannot go on eating so many meals a day. I've at most 5 more years before my metabolism drops once the body hits 30 years old. I do not know if I will become a fat slob 5 years later from now, but the least I can do is to be honest and share with you what has been working for me AT PRESENT for all these years. Anyway... thanks to my chance encounter with this fantastic website, I am inspired to head down to the swimming complex near my house at least once a week. And ditch channel surfing for good healthy exercise. :) Good luck, everyone! Eat right!

I count diet under eating healthier and pretty much cutting out candy and sweets out of my regular meal plan. NOT crash-dieting. No baby food diets or something.

This is right up my alley and will hopefully help with my new years resolution of loosing 10 more pounds.

I eat whatever i like and in the quantity i wish and then just make sure to burn it.

I like how the author warns against "low fat" foods, then recommends low fat dressing from McDonald's...which if the author had read the nutrition facts...would have seen that it's most definitely not the wiser choice. I'm all for making wise decisions when eating out, but the truth is, most fast food is going to be loaded with fat, calories, and tons of sodium. I believe wholeheartedly that a person who is truly committed to something, will make time for it. Time management is a basic skill that many of us learned in school, yet I frequently see adults complaining about how there's no time for anything. Manage your time properly and don't overextend yourself. Then you won't see yourself constantly running to short cuts in food, work, and relationships.

"Chicken, beef and fish are the best meat choices for dieters." What other meat is there? Maybe concentrate on exercising, not dieting.

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