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5 Braid Hair Styles You Can Rock ...

By Meream

1 One Side Lace Braid

Jessica Alba looks cute in her lace braid and floral dress, doesn't she? I wish I have the patience to do this type of braid.

2 Messy Side Braid

Annie Spandex shows us how to achieve this romantic and sexy look. It involves sleeping. FUN.

3 Fishtail Side Braid

All right, I admit that I suck at the fishtail braid. But this photo makes me wanna learn! I wish I still have my blunt bangs, though.

4 Loose Back Braid

Now this is my kind of braid. Perfect for traveling! Diane Kruger is one proof. Incidentally, she looks like Kate Hudson here, doesn't she?

5 plus 4 More Ways to Braid Your Hair!

While I did not enjoy Blake Lively's braid style, I sure loved Rachel McAdams's pouffy braid.
Top Image by: by **slurpiesandstraws ☮**

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