5 Braid Hair Styles You Can Rock ...


5 Braid Hair Styles You Can Rock ...
5 Braid Hair Styles You Can Rock ...

Jessica Alba looks cute in her lace braid and floral dress, doesn't she? I wish I have the patience to do this type of braid.

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Messy Side Braid

Annie Spandex shows us how to achieve this romantic and sexy look. It involves sleeping. FUN.


All right, I admit that I suck at the fishtail braid. But this photo makes me wanna learn! I wish I still have my blunt bangs, though.


Now this is my kind of braid. Perfect for traveling! Diane Kruger is one proof. Incidentally, she looks like Kate Hudson here, doesn't she?


While I did not enjoy Blake Lively's braid style, I sure loved Rachel McAdams's pouffy braid.
Top Image by: by **slurpiesandstraws ☮**

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Mmmm I'll try my hair in braid. I've never done it before!

"5 Braid Hair styles You can Rock..." if you had Caucasian hair.

These are so great for the crappy weather here! Love Annie's messy braid. The fishtail braid looks complex but gorgeous! I wonder if I should attempt it. Hmmm...

Thanks for including my post in the list! :)

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